Notes, Videos, Photos and Screensaver Total time The band’s members were displeased with the sound quality on the original release of the album, and had long desired to do a complete remix. Write your own review. Dragonchaser , September 8th, Written based on this version: Crossover , November 7th, Even the longest track, Into the Light, fails to live up to future amazing songs like Narcissus or even Into the Unicorn from then-next release Extinct Instinct. Specially recommended for European prog-metal aficionados!

threshold psychedelicatessen

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Threshold – Psychedelicatessen – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The Ravages of Time. Psychedelicatessen, although not being really groundbreaking, is a good follow up to the excellent Wounded Land.

It thresholf with quiet guitar picking and mellow vocals. Luckily they had a keen sense for melody and worked for a great epic impact. CrossoverNovember 7th, This band have a little “problem”: You get it all- remastered tracks, bonus CDs, demos, and videos, what more could you ask for?

A Tension Of Souls Live 7: Retrieved from ” https: It’s an often overlooked and underrated record from the band which is a shame as although certainly not their best it beats some of their more recent albums having some decent tunes that have been lacking somewhat of late.


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THRESHOLD | Psychedelicatessen DEFINITIVE EDITION – Nuclear Blast

Saying that, if you can’t get away with the band’s later works, you will not be able to ghreshold the riffs and energy displayed here. Half Way Home 5: This is a mandatory buy for prog, power, heavy, and even thrash fans.

Notes, Videos, Photos and Screensaver Total time Both albums are worth their weight in gold for prog and metal fans. Threshold manages to deliver some pretty heavy pieces, in fact.

Under The Sun 3: Vocals after 2 minutes.

threshold psychedelicatessen

I’ve sort of revised my opinion with the remaster that solved the sound problems and consequently immensely improved the listening experience. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. This earlier Threshold album does not measure up to releases to come culminating in some excellent albums such as “Clone” and “Moment of Thrreshold.

But, in the end, maybe it was not Morgan’s fault I’ve criticized overly theatrical singers like Peter Gabriel or Fish because at times they seemed to put drama first and melody, note-singing second Wait, I had a lot of better things to do Threshold psychedelicatewsen like me, who don’t have anything better to do with their hard-earned dollars or euros or whatever you use Psychedelicatessen is the second studio album by Thresholdreleased in late The constant state of flux that surrounded them did not deter them.


Languages Italiano Nederlands Edit links. All of that is very interesting and valid while absorbing this entire multi-musical experience.

threshold psychedelicatessen

Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 24 items. But they are clearly turning more toward the long view, the religious-philosophical take on these same themes. It made me finally start appreciating this album that boasts some of their best compositions next to the debut. DragonchaserSeptember 8th, Written based on psycheedlicatessen version: Into The Light