Repeat step 4 until all relevant configurations are combined. If you are using CobraLink and have more than one ring, also repeat for all devices on all rings using the Ring dropdown at the top of the dialog box. This ensures that multiple versions will not interfere with each other. This will upgrade all connected units. This will save the file to your local drive. This is done so that existing installations can be supported without modifying existing designs. This way you will be able to tell which files are which if the files become co-mingled.

symetrix symnet designer

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Repairs signal inversion in mixers. The only operation that accesses hardware you should do with mismatched software and firmware is upgrade to the correct firmware.

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When finished, click Close. If the files are lost or overwritten with Version 1.

An open file dialog will appear allowing you to navigate for firmware files. If your older site files use only one configuration, opening and re-saving once is all that is required to convert them to V If you need to upgrade the firmware, follow these steps.

symetrix symnet designer

The desired user control interface is created in SymNet Designer 9. III Installation Notes If you are upgrading at an existing installation that loads a configuration automatically on start-up, note that the configuration will not load after the firmware is upgraded until you re-download the site file using SymNet Designer These very simple modules allow summing mixing two or sy,net audio signals with minimal DSP usage.


symetrix symnet designer

SymNet Designer Version 1. This has various ramifications including push data and ARC control not working between units.

Overview of contents of this file

These room combining modules support background music source selection and a room volume for each room. However, files saved with version 5. SymNet Designer checks symjet on download and warns you if a mismatch is detected.

Upgrading is generally possible regardless of the firmware mismatch. If you are using a DigIO or Express, select that file instead. Even if you are not going to maintain both versions, it is a good idea to use this practice at least until all your design files have been converted and you have fully embraced Version 5.

Symetrix Launches New SymNet Designer 9.0 With SymVue, Available For Download

This software is available from http: When you first open a V3. II Preventing data loss of existing Designer site files when upgrading.

symetrix symnet designer

Select the file SNMv The microprocessor file contains the code that SymNet’s embedded microprocessor runs. In all cases, the version number is contained in the file name. Upgrading Firmware — manual operation 1.


When rooms are combined, the background source and room volumes are automatically linked.

As of this writing, the current versions of the SymNet firmware are as follows: If deesigner is not the case, the release notes will make a point of mentioning this. Prior to this, it was ineffectual to try to force the assignment of a DSP to a module within a super-module as the routing of the audio signal would not be controlled as expected.

If your older site files use only one configuration, opening and re-saving once is all that is required to convert them to V5.

When the file is saved, it will no longer be read-able by previous versions.

SymNet Designer c. – ReadMe File

In particular, the transition from version 9. Upgrade the firmware as described below. Bug fixes in Version 1.

Click the Upgrade button under SymNet Microprocessor file.