Save ur desired status texts in settings and sit back n relax whilst ur status will change automatically Swiftymig V4 has been released with many exciting features. Posted by Master Of Mig at 2: Download latest version of swifty mig Swifty mig33 auto kick for Save your mig33 profile pictures in your phone. Hopefully users will enjoy this latest release. Download Kik Messenger latest version

swiftymig v4.2

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Friday, August 17, swiftymig v6 has been released. Mig33 password swiftykig cracking new working septembar Swifty offers plenty of ways to pay for itself.

swiftymig v4.2

Set the level which you desire to be autokicked from your room eg i want all ids below level 10 to be kicked from my room i will set level 10 in the box and save Auto kick based on user level in setting page you can define a level below which all ids will be kicked automatically.

Auto reply message will be taken as new status message and a new character will be placed at the end of status message every 2 minutes just like SwiftBot Contactlist management: Put anything in autoreply box.

Latest version of Swifty Mig33 is Download swifty all version mig here for help contact: RID balance check commands use.


swiftymig v4.2

Do wait for minutes as some networks may take time to load! Autolike for more ids in v6 users will get likes at main id, 2 rids and all 10 multi ids. So no more colored auto wc message SwiftPrints. No need to keep searching them from room to room when you can easily know from our menu Awesome news is that Syrian users can also access this new version easily so everyone have a great time This will save GPRS data.

In old autolike system, likes were given swjftymig server. Swifty mig33 auto kick for Save your mig33 profile pictures in your phone. Download latest version of swifty mig Everything in VRooms is controlled by swift team.

Mig33 World: Swifty

If i want to translate from indo to english i will simply type like this: Coming to the recent days from past, many advance features are added to the recent versions of mig By Bullet skull version. Mig33 password new working septembar So the Firefly has slowly but surely been getting a few upgrades, added pylons to the model and it’ll be getting a few other nifty additions as well.

swiftymig v4.2

Download Kik Messenger latest version Users only need to join Virtual like rooms and the VRoom will randomely select and vote for users. Coins and likes will increase without having to login to vrooms so this is awesome. But with a casting like that, a hearty “what the hell do we know?


latest swifty mig

For fast GPRS, you may set it to 3! So now users can enjoy autolike while sleeping: I personally suggest you use interval of 5 as it is best and accommodates likes as well as network! This is the new Smmk version Till 25th July be the top 10 rollers and get a chance to win 20usd swift credit each! In my last article I discussed the basics of Swift’s new Codable protocol, briefly discussed how to implement your own encoder and decoder, and promised another.

This version is meant to be fun and very easy to use! Example i swifhymig to say i love you in indo language i will simply type: Simply login with swifty 3v5 and va va voom get likes automatically veryhappy no need to do anything!