Nee kadalika – your movements Jwalita embers kiraNa rays kalitam filled with soundarya beauty vikaasam grow, blossom. The writer didn’t just manage, but actually came out as a winner in potraying profound thoughts wonderfully. Many thanks for the meaning of the song.. Vishwanath , Lyricist seetha Rama Sasthry and Composer Ilaiyaraaja melding together to create a phenomenal song, stands as an example of what intellectual team work is.

shiva poojaku song

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Not to demean the beauty of wordplay as such, but for me, lyrics come after the music.

More by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

The rest of the film is largely built around Meenakshi’s journey from skepticism to devotion in her pursuit of dance. From Wikipedia, pojaku free encyclopedia. For the sake of shining stars on the hoods of the west heroine wants to go to foreign country in this shicadon’t embrace the night darkness o evening beauty; on the stage of the east, by becoming a dance of the dawn, do delight the earth by sprinkling light; let your movements be an initiation for consciousness; let the sleeping eeshwara lord of dance in your heart become an omkaaram symbol of piousness, god, ultimate Watch the way he maintained the rhyme – 2nd line ending is ‘sundari’ and 4th line ending is ‘chindhani’.


The above paragraph means – your anklet-bells have blossomed to pojaku pooja to lord Shiva through Dance. Meenakshi becomes an accomplished dancer through the direction of renowned Odissi dancer Sharon Lowenand gets the opportunity to go to the United States and perform.

shiva poojaku song

Adagana adagana athadini mela mellaga. She wants to breakfree from the shackles. Retrieved 4 September Ninnala lede monnala lede. And as the song itself summarizes, Art preceeds and even supercedes any mundaneness work.

√ Lyric | Song lyrics | Shiva Poojaku – S. P. Balasubrahmanyam feat. P. Susheela on

Natanaanjali tho brathukunu tarinchanivva Siri siri muvva Let your natural way of life be caused by your playful feet; like the embers which blossom into beautiful rays; even the eyes of the sun watched the dawn of your expressional dance; in the hearts of sky and the lake; a hundred leaves shall bloom on the beautiful golden lotus. The Beginning Pelli Choopulu Baahubali 2: It’s great imagination to bring the concept of yatiraj in a line.

Thanks alot for your explanation: Dear Kamal, My sincere request to explain the lyrics of Jilibil palukulu Chilipiga Palikina song from sitara. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat The above paragraph means – your anklet-bells have blossomed to offer pooja to lord Shiva through Dance.

I find it amazing that you are able to do this. These soft-pleasing words springing out are like flowers. Any song requests, suggestions and comments are always welcome. She says in one scene – “the world is marching ahead at a rapid ooojaku but we are still stuck somewhere else”.


shiva poojaku song

VishwanathLyricist seetha Rama Sasthry and Composer Ilaiyaraaja melding together to create a phenomenal song, stands as an example of what intellectual team work is.

But I have a question. While a highly aong artist in his field, Seshendra Sharma is not well-off and has not been able to afford for his daughters, a conventional education. Shiva poojaku chivurinchina siri siri muvva Siri siri muvva Dono ne Shyam ko chaaha.

She dreams of materialistic pleasures. Posted by Music Lover at 1: He is a painter and is shown to be handling movie promotions as a large part of his work.

Shiva Poojaku

Just a small correction: But i wish not to talk about the musicial genius in his song. Thank you for posting this.

SwadharmE midhanam shrEyaha para dharmO bhayaavaha from bhagavadgeetha.