By Michael R Starks. Rechargeable glasses like our Model SA3, N and many others are a cool idea but they can go down in the middle of the movie and it will take you about an hour to recharge them to the point where you can be sure of finishing the film. WD, WD Series: Give your videos the packaging they deserve Create professional-looking discs, complete with menus and chapters, in no time. It is possible to run an nVidia 3D Vision Emitter software emulator, readily available on the net but not for the novice and always carrying the possibility of terminating some or all of your PC functions. Most models are larger, heavier and less comfortable that many types of IR glasses and like IR glasses often have sync or tint problems.

roxio cineplayer bd mit 3d

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But we have less expensive glasses in most cases. The public is generally unaware that such warnings have been routine with 2D games, videos and TV sets for decades. At Roxio we’re proud of our products and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

You can get some info here http: So you may have to put your hand over the emitter when you want to use the remote. Customize your workspace and set quick access points to the tools you use most.

To recap, you must have the 3DTV manual or automatic dongle in all cases with any type of DLP projector in order to use our Gen2 emitter and any of about 50 models of wireless glasses, but for 3D Ready DLP projectors hundreds of models you may also use the built in emitter with either of our two models of DLP Link glasses see below for their merits and demerits. I beg for help to you and Marshall first moderation! You can also exchange the glasses for one of our other models which operate in one of the other 7 Led color Modes of the Gen2 emitter which do NOT interfere with TV remotes.


There mif no perfect pair of glasses and every kind is a tradeoff of price, image quality, durability, comfort and style. Some glasses like our Model X are turned on by opening the temples and sometimes these need to be wiggled a bit to activate.

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I couldn’t determine the version of your CinePlayer BD from the screenshot. Currently they are not commonly available in a rechargeable version. Reflections in the glasses. If the glasses do not work please remove the battery cover and check that the CR batteries that are used in all consumer glasses have at least 3 Volts.

All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Roxio Cineplayer BD – update??? Suitable configuration of hardware and software may permit use of rixio Corp emitters and glasses with such systems when used with a PC.

roxio cineplayer bd mit 3d

As noted elsewhere here and in all our instructions, you can always change your glasses models for use with one of the other Gen2 Emitter protocols or use our LC cinema mode or SS1 Samsung mode emitters which do not seem to interfere with any remotes afaik. And as noted there are boxes from various projector 31 companies and others that will do the realtime conversion from 3DTV Corporation Pioneer Pkwy. The most popular versions among Roxio CinePlayer users are 5.

roxio cineplayer bd mit 3d

I assu e this has ha ged. Everyone should be required to watch 3D movies as children to prevent amblyopia or other stereovision defects, since amblyopia is really a blanket term for a variety of oculomotor and brain stereo processing problems, most of which probably go undiagnosed.


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Like all of XpanD glasses unlike those from 3DTV Corpthey also have no version for children nor any way to adjust them to fit over glasses and they are expensive. Could this be the update your message refers to? Riding in a car is likely a far greater stress than any kind of film viewing, and tens of millions get car sick or on bus, train, airplane every day.

Most models are larger, heavier and less comfortable that many types of IR glasses and like IR glasses often have sync or tint problems. So most users will be better off with cineplayet tailored for their type of 3D display. It also does not support side by side due, cineplayerr say, to copyright of that format by realD, which is preposterous as side by side 3D has been around for at least 20 years.

However, it never seems to cross the mind of the anti-3D crowd that it is likely that their stereo vision is defective the alternative is a psychological problem. Maybe, like most people, they watch with fingerprints on their glasses which reduces the 3D and produces eyestrain!

When complete, simply click to burn DVD. DLL file update for CinePlayer versions 1. Dec 02, Offering advanced features and technology that facilitate excellent Bluray playback on a PC, CinePlayer BD with 3D easily captures a spot on our comparison of the best Bluray player software. Read The Fine Manuals—i.