I had a role as young Musashi on a Taiga dorama before, and I also read Vagabond manga , so.. If Koki-kun sits besides me, then we’ll start rapping! Dewan Maruf March 24, at 6: It depends on people, there are people who only cover their lower part, or don’t cover anything and get in into the bath, and also there are people who cover only their front part. There must be a reason why they release it so quickly. Konoyaro Bakayaro Ultimate Mobile.

ringtone bakayaro konoyaro

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He’s such a noisy guy huh, but I’ll show them to him!

ringtone bakayaro konoyaro

The next mail is from Chiakipaana from Kobe. But there will be no ‘sayonara’ between us, so please listen to this song by Tegomass Currently, so much things going on in my RL and I need to focus more on that. You kissed Harupaana, huh konoyaroooo!?! Isn’t she going to call you Tegoshi? Also, Japanese and English are not my first languages, so I do apologize beforehand if there’s any mistake.


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Isn’t that guy more like you? It’s just, I love to observe people from the inside of my manager’s car. That’s a rare thing. The way you said that, get on my nerves actually lol Tegoshi: And Tegoshi, please come to Ringtoone too. Anonymous November 9, at 6: The boys also realized that their radio ringtonne has been airing for one and a half year now, and they seem to be happy about it yay!

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We were so careful and detailed, just like making a concert goods! Gan kalo req sound effect naruto ultimate ninja 3 ps 2 ada ga gan? Her boyfriend is a popular guy and has many female friends, and she’s bqkayaro because it seems like one of his friends had a crush on him.

Konoyaro Bakayaro – Killer Bee Zweihander It’s a no-no, I will be very shocked. There, he suddenly sang the chorus part of Sayonara ni Sayonara, gave her rigntone bouquet and proposed her aww!

Okay, Massu go first! That would be Hey Say 7! But the men are standing to each other. Isn’t it good enough if she says, “Sankyuuu deeesu!


ringtone bakayaro konoyaro

You sounded so cold! They don’t force the girls to hang out with them, that’s why an unpopular guy can never be a ‘charai’.

ringtone bakayaro konoyaro

Ah I know, the toilet! You know, whatever I do, you never seem to give any reaction!

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Hi uwu que tal Pipol? Dewan Maruf March 31, at 9: Here he goes again. Konoyaro Bakayaro Ultimate Mobile. I think it’s okay to change your surname with your mother’s.

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LOL poor Aracchi’s boyfriend Tegoshi said he doesn’t mind it if his girlfriend shows her jealously. Did you do hanami then? Bakayaro Konoyaro Joki Kiefer – Topic.