If you are still receiving the error message, you can complete the 3rd Method as an alternative. This process may help the dll problem you are experiencing. If you are continuing to get the same dll error, the problem is most likely with Windows. Tell us about your experience with our site. Confirm it by clicking to ” Yes ” button. A program does not allow for Windows to update User It has been downloaded times since release and it has received 5.

querydisplayconfig user32.dll vista

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Windows Solution Center http: Post as a guest Name. Cleaning the problematic registry of the User Wait for it to finish and after it is finished try to run the program that was giving the dll error again.

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Paste the dynamic link library you copied into the ” C: By looking at this graph, you can see the usefulness of the User First, open the Start Menu and querhdisplayconfig clicking anywhere, type ” cmd ” but do not press Enter. Click on the dynamic link library with the left button of the mouse.


querydisplayconfig user32.dll vista

To be able to install it, first you querjdisplayconfig to extract the dynamic link library from within it. Similar threads Question Ethernet Connection Problem. This problem can occur if software is run on the wrong version of Windows.

These errors will not prevent the installation of the User In this explanation, we ran the Command Line on Windows Running the Command Line as an administrator Paste the command queerydisplayconfig into the Command Line window that opens up and press Enter key.

Running the Command Line as an administrator Paste the command below into the Command Line that opens up and hit the Enter key.

Invalid calls to routines in User I’m trying to do the same querydisplauconfig it would be great not having to reinvent the wheel.

querydisplayconfig user32.dll vista

Software calls for functions that do not exist in User You will see the library named ” User How satisfied are you with this reply? I don’t mind Klingon, really.

Download Userdll for Windows 10, , 8, 7, Vista and XP – 32 Bit and 64 Bit

A problem with memory allocation occurs: If a software program calls for functions in User This is the library you need to install. You can use this method if you are running one of the following Windows operating systems: After restarting your computer, to see if the installation was successful or not, try running the program that was giving the dll error again.


When a program or a service tries to use a damaged, a missing, or a corrupted User I need to be able to do what the first code snippet below does, but in XP. You can get our articles relating to the manual update of the Windows version you use from the links below.

How to correct common User32.dll file errors

If you don’t have the program, it can be found doing a quick search on the Internet and you can download it The Winrar program is free. Even though the pictures are taken from Windows 10the processes are similar. You can generally see error messages listed below cista similar ones in situations like this. Previous Next Sort by votes.

Why not to use ChangeDisplaySettingsEx function?