This application is a mastery of spying. Features The modern email client, redesigned – Master your inbox with the most powerful email productivity tools – Email Tracking, Read Later, Send Later, and more. The two biggest use cases that I could see immediately are for people doing any of these 2 things:. Biggu under IOS but boy could you process with this thing. However, there are moments in which I ponder the thought of downloading another email app due to certain bugs that persistently reappear. Having access on multiple platforms as of writing only Mac, iOS and Web are supported with Windows and Android support coming soon is a plus as it standardizes the email experience wherever you go.

polymail app

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Very good on them. Overview Polymail provides a powerful platform for email productivity in a beautiful native app – on desktop and mobile.

From an pissed off EX polymail user, never had this before with any other email clients. No, that’s why I pay for my own mail server, thanks. Is there a free version of Polymail? Polumail free version is more like a trial version with a very limited feature set.

‎Polymail on the App Store

Loved it on the trial run and I greatly appreciate the free trial. One of our features is e-mail tracking, which allows you to see the status of sent e-mails without any notification to or need for click-through by the recipient. I am just pointing this out as I believe people should be able to make informed decisions, especially when it involves subscription based models, and consider the long term consequences of their decision.


Email is now fun. In connection with your use of certain features on the Application, we may collect and process information about your actual location, IP address or other similar items. It is useful to see polymakl somebody has polmyail your email so that polymaail know with confidence if they have seen it or not.

Setting Polymail as your default mail app | Polymail Help Center

We think so, xpp eventually gave in! Also published on Medium. When you use our Application, we automatically collect and store certain information in server logs. Pricing information can be found here. The two biggest use cases that I could see immediately are for people doing any of these 2 things: Get Polymail for iOS or Mac to get started!

polymail app

Currently, trying to impact the software development economy. The performance of search has been significantly sped up, search results will show up instantly as you are typing on the Mac App.


polymail app

Who should use this? Fantastical 2 for iPhone.

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Go to reviews Polymail is currently available on the webas well as on apps for macOS and iOS. For casual users, this is good enough.

You can add an unlimited number of users during your free day trial. Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

Setting Polymail as your default mail app

It has become an annoyance deleting all the mail from my lock screen AGAIN and ruins the point of having the feature. I have four jobs, which is an immense amount of information to keep organized; I need spp my mail in one place.

polymail app

Google Suite Gmail vs. Unlike Gmail which reads your mail. We also have special plans for nonprofit and education organizations.

If you use this tool in combination with Hunter. We may collect and store information including personal information locally on your device.

It is an email app that gives you superpowers such as: Threading Issue where replies on an original message sometimes ended up threaded on a message that was forwarded.