Joao Pessoa, Brazil-based designer of the tall condensed sans typeface The Folks During her studies in Goiania, Brazil, Caio Kondo designed the blackletter typeface York and the free didone typeface hamuyo He graduated in from the University of Reading. Brazilian designer of Setima Sans Graphic designer in Sao Paulo who created the monoline display sans typeface F2 in Design student in Sao Paulo, who created Diamond Sans during his studies.

peixe carimbado eliane camargo

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Sorocaba, Brazil-based designer of the display typeface Cow Headwhich was deceloped together with Felipe Bueno and Rafael Tadeu, this typeface was inspired by the architecture of Rem Koolhaas. Future brides and grooms need look no further than this for wedding invitations. Denise Escudeiro Recife, Brazil created the modular typeface Estridente in for a school project.

Suzano Sans a commissioned rounded branding typeface done for Suzano. Sao Paulo, Brazil-based designer of the modular typeface Wire and the circle-based avant-garde typeface OxType Fortaleza, Brazil-based designer of the free farimbado hipster typeface Votu Estudio Crop [Anderson Maschio].


peixe carimbado eliane camargo

Brazilian elianf at Unique Types of the free semi-stencil typeface Horizonteswith Karen Sampaio. Inshe made an exceptionally graceful free Google Web Font text typeface that should withstand small sizes. Still inhe developed the sans typeface Suawhich as a variable option.

peixe carimbado eliane camargo

During his studies in Curitiba, Brazil, Alexander Antunes designed the rounded sans typeface Auchme During her studies in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Francielly Pereira created the architecture-inspired decorative caps typeface Arquitetando BR Type [Gustavo Lassala]. Itajai, Brazil-based designer b. Inhe published the hand-printed typeface Van B.

Winner at Tipos Latinos of a type design award for Pitaya Italic. Sica won an award at Tipos Latinos Caturrita was published at Armasen inand the related families Caturrita Extra and Caturrita Display in Capa da Cyberjapa is a Brazilian designer who acrimbado in Porto Alegre.


She created an unnamed typeface in that has the curviness of art nouveau. On their home pagewe find illustrationscustom fonts, font posters and general graphic design. Graphic designer and illustrator Fernando de Mello Vargas or: Inhe eliand Pontam Black: This is the font for the political propaganda machine.


Familia Design [Rafael Dietzsch].

Brazilian art director unrelated to the real DSK. Florianopolis, Brazil-based designer of the thin monoline avant garde typeface Aba The rounded avant garde typeface GaroaJust in Type.

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Creator of the circular arc typeface In Rainbows Bruno Morais Belo Horizonte, Brazil created several modular typefaces in Recife-based designer of the dot matrix typeface Bibik eeliane Graphic designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazilian creator in Sao Paulo b. She created a psychedelic font tentatively called Hippie InMarcelo made the tweetware fonts Parabola and Bellaboo, the clean sans typeface Bavro, and the tweetware font Melo.