I just purchased 2 32gb P2 cards E series which requires a firmware update. In the process ive looked for tools or breakout boards that could help. Gary, I owe you. There is one flat 30 contact ribbon cable FFC connector part and a two row 30 pin WR3 connector part wrp-hf-hd-a1e. There are two such superblocks found in the image file. One 60 pin but might work anyway.

panasonic hvx200 firmware update

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Any chance it’d need to be a card smaller than MB? At the moment I do not remember the name for such a program but contact me if you need this for other projects.

Targeting the Panasonic HVX HD camera |

The reference links are handy too! The cards seem to work fine without the firmware update, but Jan said to do it.

panasonic hvx200 firmware update

We had a defective P2 circuit board assembly. It is currently running version 2.

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I wish I had the skills to help with more than morel support pznasonic as it is all I can do is say good luck. Future updates will be placed in this document. I couldn’t find any documentation. We also see the version of MontaVista linux being used. Embedded LinuxhvxReverse Engineering.

Re: Uploading the firmware update for the HVX200

We would perhaps need the entire MontaVista development kit so that we could both compile the driver and add support to the kernel for the driver, meaning perhaps we even have to recompile the entire kernel.


Interesting work, are you still going? It is so important to determine which drivers are already available because if we have to add and compile our own drivers we will likely need more than just the Linux headers, glibc and compatible gcc version. Then turn off power before disconnecting either the battery or the power. All I could find are some FFC breakouts.

This already gives some promise to obtaining our objective of supporting an external USB disk. It functions as gdb-stub to provide the way to communicate with GNU gdb debugger. This is an old, old update.

Jvx200 is the fifmware the camera is put into when plugged up to a PC for offloading video. It’s important firmwarw you first format your SD card, then go to the Panasonic site and download the version for your camera onto the SD card.

Though we would still need to find USB host drivers somewhere. There is one flat 30 contact ribbon cable Hcx200 connector part and a two row 30 pin WR3 connector part wrp-hf-hd-a1e. Another would be dissection of the P2 card and replacement of the flash chips of a cheap 4GB card to increase the size to 64GB? Uploading the firmware update for the HVX Welcome! Herein we might find code for both reading the P2 card filesystem and setting up as a USB client.


We are running a 2. Notify me of new comments via email. Regardless if you have this camera or not the methods discussed herein should encourage you to pull apart any device you have. Also, concerning updates, I think things will move faster now that more people are working on it.

panasonic hvx200 firmware update

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Even with such a large pricetag the hardware and software of the device are rather comprehendable, in some cases laughably so. Adding support for offloading video from the P2 card in the camera to an external disk using either a usb or firewire controller.

Initialize VGA Already you could run a infinite loop script within a nohup session backgrounds it which routinely copies files off the p2 card and onto SD or via any other interface you find so that you never have to take firmwaee your P2 card to offload. It is indeed an SD card. Check with Fox Valley.