Only Getting Younger ft. Fly Boy E 6. I wanted to put a message out there like everyone starts from nothing and we can all make something out of our lives. I like comfort clothes. Jon started having ukulele lessons at just two years old and has a mind-skewering method of playing his acoustic guitar, retuning the strings as he goes to create bass, and using the body of the guitar to generate drum, bongo, bass and snare sounds. Chip — See more at: I used to look up to Teyana Taylor… I loved her kind of swagger, cos she used to be a real tomboy but she had her sexy days too.

paigey cakey catch a body

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Motivation comes from my supporters. May 13, Make It Music: Karmah Cruz and Ms Banks 7.

We pick out some of our favourite pieces from the Hyper Beach collection for men and […] Read More – 2 min read. Fly Boy E 6.

Make It Music: Paigey Cakey

K artist, Skepta would be on my list. And with it come some collabos, bringing new names and voices to the surface: If your wardrobe needs an injection of colour and fun for the warmer months, then this is the trend for you. I personally take much more out of such simple pieces than of some of her following more conceptualized clips. Topics Pop and paihey. Jordan Morris Only Getting Younger ft.


If I did it now, it would be so much better. Purple Flowers ft Tigger Da Author 5. I was doing music as caley hobby and just putting things on YouTube.

paigey cakey catch a body

Usually when people meet me they start acting shy — she was confident. As Linda E is raising the right questions we get to listen to some intimate honest thoughts Paige has on her mind.

Though she counts herself as a musician — she started uploading music online when she was 15 — much of her income comes through brand work. In the next 5 years I want to be internationally known on the pqigey laughs. After years of upheaval, the music industry cakeg still pulling itself out of the doldrums.

I Bought Cannons fakey We pick out some of our favourite pieces from the Hyper Beach collection for men and […]. I like music to express myself and I like acting to take me away from myself so I can pretend to be somebody else.

I used to do dance with my dance class and we kind of did a two-week performing arts project in Hackney Empire. No one really does that.

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The RadioKing interview on how she builds herself up as an artist, In her alleged second youtube-appearance Paigey Cakey shows her skills and charisma on a simple beat and visual background. Which is a beautiful process to witness. Yeah, I want to be internationally known and I really want to not just do music. I cook as well, so I would love to do a cooking show, get some clothing out there and I just wanna be a massive MC that represents the UK, not just a female MC — I want to help bridge that gap.


Sub Sessions: Paigey Cakey – Trust Me (acoustic) | Subtv

But I want to get to a point cath I can hire people to do the other stuff, so I can be in the studio making music. And the year old is just fine with that: All these people support me and give me positive feedback and they keep me going so yeah. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. After touring together and sharing stages throughout a bbody year all over Europe, they eventually separated over different approaches to and attitudes concerning their career and how each handles the public attention.

paigey cakey catch a body

Waterloo Road already put me on a platform, so a lot of people wanted to listen to my music and it went from there.