By clicking on “Users and applications” in “Management Console”, open the panel of the user’s account and you can modify and view the server events related to an installed user. To connect a gateway and a computer to each other you need to use a straight-through Ethernet cable the yellow cable on Figure 7. On the loaded section, give the following data:. You need to provide your username and password in the login window. This parameter is used if the server has a private address.

ozeki ng sms gateway tutorial

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ozeki ng sms gateway tutorial

After the detection you need to provide the telephone number of your modem and the name of the service provider connection. An incoming message can be forwarded to one or more users and you can define who oozeki receive a copy of the message by setting inbound routing rules.

Although, nowadays SMS messaging is not the most popular way of mobile communication, but it gateay still alive. These rules consist of directives, which the program compares with the properties of the SMS message.

After you have checked the content of the package, you need to connect the Ozeki GSM Gateway to a plug, to the computer network and you need to put one-four SIM card s into the ozkei. A basic SMS application will be described in this article, but it can be freely extended according to your specific needs.


ozeki ng sms gateway tutorial

Email Required, but never shown. There are two 15 minute coffee breaks and a 1 hour lunch break during the day. This swift and secure method can be examined in the system diagram below Figure 2.

Click on “Next” Figure 3. To move a rule one position higher, click the green arrow beside it. Figure 12 – SIP Settings.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Installation guide

Ozeki 10 – SMS Gateway server software. Sign up using Email and Password.

To use a dial planchoose the Call Management option in the left menu Figure Modem – Use a Wavecom, Siemens or Multitech modem. In this case the rule will remove the prefix from the front ozekii the number. To reach the graphical user interface of the device you need to set an IP address on the Ethernet port of the computer that is in the same network. American Telcos let you send text messages as emails.

SMS Gateway – Commercial Information, Tutorial

Then the login page is popped up Figure 8 to give the username in the User Name and password in the Password field root username: If a rule is applied the message is delivered to the user given in the rule. Please note that you need to give the tutoriql number in international format: To test my application, as it was mentioned above, in this article I used the free trial version ny Ozeki NG it can be obtained from here: The SMS that has been sent from your Java application will be sent the telephone number of this user.


PBX for your Mobile Employees.

ozeki ng sms gateway tutorial

This is the recipient of the SMS you wish to send that can be your customer, your business partner, a colleague, a friend or any other. Or if an sms is incoming the given phone number will get the sms in the connected network. It can be used for: This tool transfers the reports generated by the monitoring software. In case of an outgoing sms you can add a rule for the destination phone number.

It has only one value: Check if this helps you: Then you need to provide a unique username for the installed user after you clicked on the “Install” link.

SMS from/to a MySQL Database with the Ozeki PHP API

On the right side of the page the configuration page will be loaded. Training gatewya are held in English language. If these 2 lines appeared in the log, it means that your application works well, that is your software is able to send SMS messages. Check these sites for relevant information: