In he started breeding horses in Quercy , France. Looking For You Nino Ferrer. Sequenze e Frequenze As a young man, he was sent to study abroad at the Sorbonne. Your email address will not be published.

nino ferrer nino and radiah

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Nino so loved the sound of Radiah and him singing together that he decided to make the whole album together with her, using her style when it seemed appropriate.

nino ferrer nino and radiah

New York Nino Ferrer. Le Sud Nino Ferrer.

Nino and Radiah et Le Sud – Nino Ferrer | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

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nino ferrer nino and radiah

Byresigned to ever making a grand statement like in Nino et Radiah he moves momentarily to the US finding some temporary peace going days just relaxing and painting when the mood hits him. Surrounded by his loving wife KinouRadiah Frye a simpatico musical partner from the US his backup vocalist, and true friends, he finally felt comfortable enough in his own skin to express that comfort on tape.

Other hits, such as “Cornichons” and “Oh! Somehow, this older man who had the gifts of striking good looks, fame, wealth, admiration and friendship of others who knew him as Nino, never liked Nino much himself. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.


Nino Ferrer : Nino & Radiah / Looking For You () : Aquarium Drunkard

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He himself, resented being typecast as a comic singer and tadiah to perform such hits which put a restraint on exhibiting a different, more artistic side of himself. The resulting “Le Sud” had huge commercial appeal, much to the chagrin of Ferrer: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Looking For You Nino Ferrer. The ashes snd his body would be spread among the fields of New Caledonia where he was born in and lived most of his young life.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat A couple of months after his mother died, Ferrer, on 13 Augusttwo radlah before his 64th birthday, took his hunting gun and walked to a field of wheat, recently cut, near the neighbouring village of Saint-Cyprien.

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Mint Julep Nino Ferrer. Nino in the late nnio. Jesuit religious schooling, first in Genoa and later in Parisleft him with a lifelong aversion to the Church. As a young man, he was sent to study abroad at the Sorbonne.

Nino Ferrer :: Nino & Radiah / Looking For You (1974)

Southern Feeling Nino Ferrer. A moral defeat, and one that makes Nino only find solace by raising his horses in his Quercy farmhouse. Always having a depressive side to his personality, he would purposely try to antagonize his adoring audience trying repel them from his concerts for demanding to hear the hits, and away from the stage overdo everything: In the late 60s, Agostino decided to quit show business and move to Italy. Reinvigorated from his time spent there, he decided to move back to France to a great colonial-style house in Rueil-Malmaison that reminded him of something he would have seen in our South.


Nino Ferrer

In his lesser-known songs, which the public largely ignored, he mocked life’s absurdities. His first solo success came in with the song “Mirza”. This soul song, with its quasi-revolutionary lyrics imploring a series of Ferrer’s black music idols to gift him their black skin for the benefit of music-making, achieved long-lasting iconic status in Italy.