This LinkDownTimeOut includes port login and discovery time. It enables the initiator to query the target about path attributes, and the target to communicate events back to the initiator. The legacy dsmcli is no longer supported. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Once it has completed, you will be asked to reboot your machine. ALUA is an industry-standard protocol for identifying optimized paths between a storage system and a host.

netapp mpio dsm 3.5

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Windows Administrator account option When installing DSM, you can opt to supply the user name and password of an Administrator-level account. Although you can specify nonoptimized proxy paths as part of the active subset, this is not recommended.

Next, you will be prompted by this following message: August Purpose and Contact Information These release notes describe the new features, More information. The Round Robin with Subset policy also uses multiple paths. I have never seen any training course in Netapp the way Neil conducted this and the way he breaks down every concept is like watching a movie…I am feeling so motivated and pumped up to retain all this knowledge…thank you!


Once it has completed, you will be asked to reboot your machine. The DSM includes storage system specific intelligence needed to identify paths and to manage path failure and recovery.

You can install either one or both.

The dsmcli commands will be removed in a future release. Preface This manual briefly explains the operations that need to be performed. By default, all optimized paths are initially selected. You are commenting using dsmm Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google account.

The following values are decimal unless otherwise noted. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

netapp mpio dsm 3.5

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Windows Host Utilities 6. Windows home server snmp server configuration By. Windows Unified Host Utilities 7. This also sets recommended SAN parameters such as timers on your host computer, and on certain host bus adapters.

Data ONTAP DSM For Windows MPIO – PDF

The names of the parameters might vary slightly depending on the program. Bulk operations on virtual disks and paths.

IPSecConfigTimeout setting The IPSecConfigTimeout parameter specifies how long the iscsi initiator waits for the discovery service to configure or release ipsec for an iscsi connection. The weight value can be set from 0 to Hallo Tammy, There are some third party patches that you will need to deploy before you can proceed with the installation, and you can find them here: FCoE is used like traditional FC mpik otherwise noted.


Data ONTAP DSM 4.1 For Windows MPIO

Click on the Sign In link, then log into the Support site. The next available option is Round Robin. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information. Click Yes to install KB and follow the installation steps. This LinkDownTimeOut includes port login and discovery time. Optionally, depending on your configuration, you can configure SAN booting of the host. Installing and Configuring Host Utilities. Next is Round Robin with Subset.

netapp mpio dsm 3.5

Introduction Microsoft virtual architecture: