The same thing applies to the chat box in game. This makes me want to get a nvidia card, so I don’t have to deal with this ati garbage every upgrade. How do you make Maplestory v62 cilent? Wine isn’t very pretty under fullscreen. That’s amazing, I’m happy to see you didn’t give up. Oh well, at least you got it working.


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Download v62 Maplestory privte sever for free? No terminal error, no game launch.

What do you need to play UAEStory ..!! Come Here

No, but you need the patch versions, like for example if a PS is v62, you need to either get v62 from Nexon. How do you make Maplestory v62 cilent? It fails to execute with no errors. I’m planning on getting a new Nvidia card soon and I’ll be reinstalling Lucid, so I’ll give it a go on my fresh install.

Where can you download Maplestory v62 Global? –

A lot of people are going to be really happy, even if it’s only private servers. I run a maplestory private server, with no gameguard and all that, and i followed all your steps and i still get this error: Have fun with LOTR.

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I was just so excited to find out that as of wine 1. Mssetup62 fix the sync issues though. Amazingly enough, this post http: Mssehupv62 can be fixed just by tapping that key once you find that it is sticking.


Are you kidding me?


If you wish to download MapleStory Mssetupv62, go to the website maplestory. All in all, I think I would be happy to switch over to Linux as my server emulator development environment, considering I love developing on Eclipse in Linux Mint on any Java project that did not involve running Windows applications.


I know this thread is very old, but I got some helpful information that masetupv62 assist any future visiters of this thread. After some testing, it turned out that setting the driver emulation to on on the audio tab of the wine config run winecfg in a terminal, or click on the link in your applications menu greatly decreased the sound delay.

I doubt the open source drivers will cut it, I can’t get them working right now anyways. My current audio sample rate is Hz, while in my last post, I said you had to set it to 48KHz to fix the low fidelity audio.

The installation took a very long time for me, so be patient. Well First of all you’re have to download like 20 things but goto youtube and search what you did in you’re question. Then right clicked the EternalMS. What is the point of vaccines, like really, they are so effective that if one person doesn t have them, everybody dies, ya know?


Were could i download a mssetupv62.rar?

I’m trying with EcstasyMS v I want to play a video game but i only have 12 dollars can you help? This will first add the Wine files to a the.


XD Dragonica uses hackshield, it won’t work. D i wish i could’ve bought guild wars nightfall and played with handy if possible, but the no monthly fees really encourages me to buy itbut too expensive for now.

My Windows Vista dll just breaks Wine completely ‘err: People have been trying to get this game running for year, and you download a couple of dll files and fix it? Interesting, I’ll give that a shot then. I don’t think it’ll make a difference to be honest, but I’ll install. Someone found how to get on Maplestory on Ubuntu even if it is a private server. I’ll have more time on the weekend, I will post feedback.