By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was released in February 8, in 2 different editions: Here’s a quick summary of how the flash player works image opens in a new window. Archived from the original on In July they released ” On the right “, their sixth single which managed a peak of Read their News section to learn more!!

moumoon no night land album

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In March they released their second major third total mini-album titled Refrain ; on it’s first week the album peaked at Please fill out this survey!

No Night Land (Moumoon) – GetSongBPM

Maybe avex wants to promote their older music, so moumoon can get more sales? The album didn’t have any physical singles released beforehand.

Digital download[9] CD [1]. Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai.

moumoon no night land album

Plus, their Indie releases aren’t too hard to find. Or maybe they thought their Indies stuff was too hard to find, and they could “remix” the song to get more sales? YUKA is clearly saying “3 day magic” which, by the way, is grammatically correct.


No Night Land

New albums are always displayed on the first page. Only a month after the release of No Night Land they released their next single ” “Love is Everywhere” ” which managed to peak at As for the actual CD I’m also really happy that “We Go” was turned into a full song!

Do As Infinity Kazuyoshi Saito. The bridge in both songs begins with a strong, electric guitar chord.

We are For the Future – moumoon (Profile, Discography, Lyrics and More)

And there are slow, hight songs that I could totally hear in the Tunnel of Love [“I found love. Retrieved from ” https: Both songs are almost the exact same length. Views Read Edit View history.

moumoon no night land album

It’s NOT a repackaging of old songs: This is technically moumoon’s 3rd album, but it’s also their first full-length album. Here’s a quick summary of how the flash player works image opens in a new window.

moumoon no night land album

Billboard Japan Top Albums [8]. Remember how that CD called the song “bleu sky”, but the lyrics clearly said “blue sky”? Each ride is activated when you move the page nigyt and down; for example, one ride is a rollercoaster and merry-go-round that moves up and down whenever you move the page. This song is actually special for two reasons!


moumoon – No Night Land [Album]

It’s a long concert — over 1. Weekly Albums Chart [7]. No Night Land Views Read View source View history. I’ve numbered all the official albums like this: I know your tricks, avex. No Night Land is the third studio album by Japanese pop duo Moumoon. I have to admit that the pacing of the album is kinda random: In October they released a new song titled ” Vanitas ” as a digital single on iTunes.

While we’re on the subject of “Flowers the album “