Nimsoft monitoring hub OS By: Also See for Sphereon Installation and service manual – pages Planning manual – pages. When configuring a new product through the New Product dialog box, an incorrect product was selected for the network address. Performance characteristic of a system or product whose integral components are backed up by identical components to which operations will automatically failover in the event of a component failure. Node List View If the connected node has more than one port, this is the world-wide name of the specific port on the node. I put in a support ticket for a related but separate issue to this. Block Port The Port Diagnostics option enables you to run internal and external loopback tests on any port.

mcdata sphereon 4500 firmware

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Brocade Fibre Channel Networking Community

The optional Open Systems Management Server feature must be enabled in order to perform this procedure. Also, there are specific requirements for disabling these parameters and features when the 44500 or switch is offline or online.

mcdata sphereon 4500 firmware

Infrastructure software includes unique firmwrae that help with application development, testing and deployment operations processes, and securing users and access to IT infrastructure and applications. Page 77 A blocked port continuously transmits OLS. Verify that the number of days in the month is valid. This setting constitutes the threshold value and is configured through the Configure Threshold Alerts dialog box. Message Not all of the optical transceivers are installed for this range of ports.


This dialog box contains the switch name, description, location, and contact person configured through the Configure Identification dialog box.

When the check box has a check mark, unit beaconing is on, and the amber system error light on the switch front bezel blinks to help users locate the actual unit in an equipment room.

Page Try action again. The term “Broadcom” refers to Broadcom Inc. How is events column mccdata By: Would you like to mark this message as the new best answer?

mcdata sphereon 4500 firmware

Get the high-performance, availability, and ease of management you need for a solid foundation to grow the storage network you want.

Install the EFCM Lite on a customer-supplied server platform using the instructions provided with the applications for that platform. Sphereon Firmware Upgrade Best Answer. Page See also error message and warning message. Enter the interval in minutes in which throughput is measured and threshold notifications can occur. Spereon Principal maps to a number code of Update JSON parsing implementation to allow functions such as.

A configuration changed was attempted for a configuration requiring offline changes. Type in a file name and extension in the File name field. For information on link incidents, refer to Link Incident Alerts on page It is intended as a quick reference for using features available through the main Product Manager window. There are two types of features covered in this chapter: The valid range is 5 minutes to 70, minutes.


Message Activating this configuration will overwrite the current configuration.

In the Save dialog box, select the folder where you want to save 3. Click Activate or press the Enter key on your keyboard. Menu Options for an explanation of these menu Port Properties Node Properties If a node is not logged in, a message displays indicating that node information is not available. Refer to page for an example of this view.

Sphereon Firmware Upgrade | Brocade Fibre Channel Networking Community

Page Retry the operation later. Page In a multiswitch fabric, the switch that allocates domain IDs to itself and to all other switches in the fabric. Page Message Invalid value for zphereon 0 – Message Firmware download timed out.

Change was made by a remote SNMP management station. The status of the firmware install operation is unknown.