Not my best effort, it’s an average map. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. We’re actively looking into the issue and will search for a fix as soon as possible. Original map by DyleT2. Your name or email address: Keep it automatically up to date by subscribing via the Steam workshop here! House of Climb EU Changes!

maps kz longjumps2

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Hello all, To all those masp know so far we have successfully moved most of the NA servers to a more reliable and durable server. As most of you might be aware the NA bhop servers and the EU hard server have now been turned off.

kz_longjumps2 [Counter-Strike ] [Maps]

Original map by Tipii. We didn’t feel like we had enough traffic on the servers even longjumpz2 the peak times to warrant keeping them open. Original map by DyleT2. Your name or email address: Sign In Create an Account Cancel.


Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Global Offensive Store Page.


Kreedz Climbing – House of Climb servers. I tried to maintain good aesthetics through Uploaded for KZ servers.

Please don’t do that again. Be sure to be running the KZ mod on your server! Probably has a lot of potential shortcuts The game has been in development for several years and has recently got greenlit and released; based on 1.

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Navigate the luxurious space station by jumping through it’s many obstacles. Ported from CounterStrike 1. If we get more interest in this game mode we will consider putting it back online. My second kz map, hope you like it: I am not the original author of this map.

maps kz longjumps2

I did not create or port this map, i simply fixed the shortcuts. Hey all, Here are the latest map updates.

Counter-Strike Kz_longjumps2 Servers, CS Kz_longjumps2 Servers – September

This map features a new automatic Timer ending system. An overall hard difficulty fast-paced KZ map prominently featuring b-hops, no-duck KZ and dropdowns. Semi-hard kz map with bhop mwps.


maps kz longjumps2

Mwps Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Penumbra game series Lot of customs textures bump and specular decals, sprites and sounds Custom color corrections Few textures from tophattwaffle, thanks!

Tag Arena is Hide N’ Seek with some twists, such as the kz feeling bhop mode along with powerups and a “powerjump”, a powerful jump that seekers can use to navigate the map.

maps kz longjumps2

Map published on behalf of twitch. Big shortcuts fixed, some other minor shortcuts fixed.

My third map for servers mals kztimer. Map focused around Strafing Difficulty: The database was completely ruined by bugs and cheats. Play this map on a KZ server recommended tick with prestrafe.