That information that allows TQSL to provide default values for state, county, and gridsquare as well as verifying that the entered gridsquare is correct for the given address. Several corrections were made to the TQSL code to allow it to compile cleanly on newer Linux systems. This change makes it much more likely that users will provide this data with their station locations. Back to Top Having Trouble? Logbook of the World The fastest way to earn awards. National Club of the Year winners announced September 28, September 27,

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Logbook of the World The fastest way to earn awards. For complete documentation click “Learn More”. February 22, No comments. Builds on bit Linux systems work properly now on most systems, and there is a means of override for systems which do not build properly. DXplorer system providing facilities for on-air antenna system testing and comparison November 17, No comments.

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Many of those b. View the complete list of acceptable documents. Secure Site Login Forgot Password? You will go to the LoTW web page and enter an eight digit code from the postcard after which the TQ6 file will be e-mailed to the user.


Requesting logw certificate is a simple process of entering some basic information such as your call sign, name, address and your e-mail address. This is a bit build that is fully compatible with iOS 10 and tqls iOS devices Thanks to the following for their assistance: This information is in the lower portion of the text in the e-mail message.

On Mac OS X, open the disk image. April 04, in: Some logging programs feature a shortcut for signing and uploading your log. EchoLink for iOS version 2. We have spent the last several months refining our first Back to Top Having Trouble?

Imagine being able to download an app…without the internet.

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Check with your logging program developer’s page for information on features like this. This release also includes an update tqsk the most recent TQSL configuration file. National Club of the Year winners announced It includes manyof the features of the R8, R7 and R5 antennas The TQ6 file by itself is not your complete certificate so please be sure to use the instructions to load and save your certificate.

You have already used these types of files in the certificate process – TQ5 and TQ6. The station location contains all of the kotw information for your operation. September 27, Logbook of the world accepts digitally signed files called Trusted QSL files.


This could not have been done oltw the help of the volunteers who have contributed translations for TQSL.

These instructions will show you how to load the TQ6 file and more importantly how to save the certificate. If you are using anti-spyware programs such as Bit Defender or Kaspersky or others, you must configure your software to allow TQSL to run.

A new NKCCluster release is just around the corner: The culmination of months of planning will come to a head this weekend as the WWV Centennial Celebra. The major new feature in this release is the ability to pre-set state, county, and grid values for a station location and verify that gridsquares are correct for the given QTH.

Earlier versions of TQSL 2. This change allows a user to recover their current callsign certificate by downloading the latest TQ6 file from the ARRL web site under circumstances where they have issued several callsign certificate requests.