During their stay in the house they come to know that this palace earlier belonged to Raja Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur. But Ganga told her not to believe on this superstitions. Vijay helps Ganga psychologically later to regain herself. Rajesh Krishnan , Nanditha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

kanakanade sharade song

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Italic or bold markup not allowed in: It is an official remake of the Malayalam film Manichithrathazhu. His uncle agrees to reside with them with his two daughters Vani and Hema, on ,anakanade condition that the room on the first floor which is locked and sealed should not be visited by anyone in the family.

kanakanade sharade song

Since Ganga suffered from Multiple personality disorder or Split personality disorder, the mystery behind Nagavalli’s story compelled her to assume herself as Nagavalli, compelling the spirit of Nagavalli to enter her body.

Vijay helps Ganga psychologically later to regain herself. Vijay is also safe. Manichitrathazhu by Madhu Muttam. Retrieved 14 July Vijay comes to know of this sahrade tells Ramesh’s uncle about this and the alliance is approved son all in the family and their marriage is fixed.


Kannada Movie Songs – Indian & Western Notations | Keyboard Piano Notes by Gurudev

Strange things start to happen in the palace and everyone suspect Sowmya, who is always found at the place of the incident. Vijay on Durgashtami Day, makes Nagavalli Ganga believe that he himself is the king, and employs a sophisticated system to make Nagavalli burn a dummy with his image on it.

Nagavalli satisfies herself and leaves Ganga’s body. Vijay explains to everyone that since Nagavalli inside Ganga thinks that Mahadev is the dancer Ramnath. Acharya stops the family from doing so and asks Vijay to tell them the mystery behind the strange incidents.

kanakanade sharade song

Ramesh thanks Vijay for his help. During their stay in the house they come to know that this palace earlier belonged to Raja Sing Rajendra Bahaddur. They have their care-taker Rangajja Shivaram who lives in the outhouse with his granddaughter Sowmya Prema. Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet Though Ramesh is not interested in all these proceedings sonv agrees on advice of Vijay. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Kana Kanade

Ganga who visited the first floor room was enamoured by Nagavalli and her diary. On the eve of Engagement ceremony of Mahadev and Vani, Ganga accuses Mahadev of trying to molest her – which is refused by both Mahdev and Vijay. Nithyashree MahadevanRajesh Krishnan. ManoharKavirajV. Even Vani is attacked once by someone unknown.


kanakanade sharade song

Rajesh KrishnanNanditha. During this time there are attempts to kill Ramesh by someone unknown, which every time is foiled by Vijay. The film, won five Filmfare Awards that includes: Apthamitra Directed by P. Apthamitra was later followed by its sequel, Aptharakshaka This was actress Soundarya’s last film.

The soundtrack album consists of six tracks. Manichitrathazhu and its remakes.

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The movie was dubbed in Telugu as Soundharya Chandramukhi. Ramesh’s uncle Satyajit is not happy with the way Vijay functions and is always very suspectful of him.

When the Raja came to know of their affair on an Durgashtami day, he be-headed Dancer Ramanatha and burned Nagavalli alive.