Don’t want to see ads? Monday 1 April Thursday 12 September We find out for the first time that Black will go missing before the start of B2W2 arc, but not why or how. Tuesday 9 April

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April 23rd, The February chapter is left as the last chapter for the time being, as an undefined hiatus is announced just days before the scheduled chapter release that was already postponed once before back in March. Monday 22 April The fandom is confused but deduces Black is probably looking for N like in the games.

gemitaiz scappo via

And expand gemigaiz manga collection! Thursday 26 September Black is seen inside the Light Stone as a silhoutte in the second part of the chapter June 23rd and everyone loses their common mind. Thursday 11 July Tuesday 18 June October 1st, B2W2 magazine run ends in favor of XY, with only 6 chapters.


Friday 6 September September 22nd, White finds the Light Stone and everyone loses their common mind the second time. Thursday 4 April Wednesday 24 April So far, 18 chapters of varying lengths have been published during these 6 years. Wednesday 21 August Wednesday 17 July Most recent Most popular Most recent.

November 22nd, The Great Hiatus ends, having lasted for over 3 years. Thursday 9 May The rest of the arc is announced to be released via volumes. Monday 6 May Monday 24 June Sunday 21 July Thursday 18 July It is revealed in the preview of the next volume that vol 54 will end B2W2.

gemitaiz scappo via

Monday 9 September Sunday 2 June The fandom loses all bits of hope left. Wednesday 7 August Don’t want to see ads?

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