On the other hand, I would like to know from an existing user of FSWidgets with any other simulator , which of their apps are recommended or to know actual user experiences with them?. This would certainly be the best solution given we could reuse all the gauges we bought and having a unified tool for all sims. I can’t say enough positive. Also weather overlays would be great. Their site does not specify compatibility with FS2 so what exactly did you do to make yours work? Can ‘watch’ my flight progress while away from my PC.


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This is one great app! The WX Images page displays radar and other weather related images from the internet and stores a history of the last six images which can be recalled by fewidgets on the smaller previews. Hi everyone, Hope its OK to post this here, we just wanted to alert any Aerofly FS 2 pilots who also use FSWidgets apps that we have just released a significant update.

FSWidgets – Innovative Gadgets for Flight Simulator & X-Plane

It’s just only changing the switch to ON in Miscellaneous?. You can import most any saved flight plan into your win gmaps. So, in short, you’ll have to install your selected FSWidgets App into your selected device for this to work. I’ve used an earlier version on FSX and liked it.


When you “connect” the FSWidgets app, it will connect to the simulator and start receiving the data it needs. In the long term it might fswdgets be an idea if one could send ‘commands’ back to Aerofly, maybe for setting route parameters. Save valuable screen real-estate on your desktop by using your iPhone or iPod touch to display your aircraft position.

All your flight plans, charts, weather and manuals too.

When IPACS makes the new Cultivator program and objects libraries available we should see a burst of new airports all over the world with mind blowing scenery including vegetation, 3d buildings, houses, towers, lighting and static aircraft. Awesome fsx moving map app! Having it tied to Dropbox means that you can set up all the folders on your computer and when you turn it on on the iPad everything is there ready to be used.

After building and saving a few flightplans you will have them for reuse. FSWigets is looking at the possibility of grabbing the flight plan data for import directly from the main. Don’t change the port or anything else. A little extra work but it sure is nice to display your flightplan and have the progress icon showing.

I also didn’t know what it is Interesting lawsuit underway because like “hoovering”, “googling” has become lower-case generic. GMapHD for Android 5.


I am not sure, though, if the ball is in his or fswidgrts IPACS’s court who have to support the project as well, though. I suggest we continue to ask SPAD. Reading all the previous posts here, this is still a bit confusing to me. Handy little moving map! Also weather overlays would be great.



If you do have one of these lying around, I’d highly recommend looking into this app. You can store copies of your charts and manuals on the device to speed up loading times and fswidgdts on bandwidth the default setting. Only wish right now: Think of it as B. EFB for iPad 6.

FSWidgets App Updates

And of course follow a detailed approach. I build my flightplan using AF2 then duplicate it in Quickplan this only takes a fswidvets due to the click to select using the same GmapsHD that you just bought Save the plan and import it into your GmapsHD to display the plan on your moving maps. Can ‘watch’ my flight progress while away from my PC.

I love using it with FSX.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.