After you’ve set the airport id, and possibly a gate or ramp to start on, click OK, and you’ll be back at the Multiplayer start page. Just use the same IP address that people use when connecting in the game. The screenshot below is from FS, but it’s very similar in FS Players can also get a list of what other players are flying by typing the? Before starting the race, be sure all players understand the rules.

fshost 1.1

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They should see a window like the one below. For example, to display only the 20 most recent hops completed, use the begin command: This option allows you to configure the maximum speed in knots fwhost a plane can be moving and considered “on the ground”.

It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. If the airport is a large one, it may have gates you can start at.

One more thing about internal IP addresses You’ll have access to different features depending on how you login. FSHost player name prefix – Set the prefix for the built-in host player name.

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Have you tried contacting the developer of FSHost? It’s easier to have all players turn off aircraft collisions in Flight Simulator, so that they can all line up on top of each other on fshosf runway. HTML “img” tag pointing to a filed, open, or closed. Then click “Create A Flight” on the left side of the Multiplayer start page, and setup your flight.



Then click OK, and you should be able to click Search again and find your own session. Number of Flight Plans. The controller can change the plan to be “open” by double-clicking the plan, or by right-clicking fshoat and selecting “Open” from the popup menu.

Or select a player in the list, and then use the Player menu. This is because when you forward ports in the router, you can only forward them to one PC at a fshsot, and that PC should be the one running FSHost.

fshost 1.1

But even those players may occasionally show yellow or red when their game is reloading, or doing something else very CPU-intensive. To change a player to a race observer, right-click the player’s name and select “Edit Player’s Race Status”.

See the player list above for more info on the latency indicators. If you’re not allowing anyone except yourself to connect FSNavigator to the server, then you may want to enable this feature to prevent someone from connecting with the same FSNavigator name as you. You can edit this file in a plain-text editor such as Notepad to modify the translations or add new ones.

fshost 1.1

You can also specify which features you want to allow your admins to have access to. Posted May 12, This file can also be written to by external programs. The only difference is that you can leave the IP address box blank, and just click Search.

A Hop List is an ordered list of airports that players can fly to when the server is unattended sort of like a “treasure hunt”. Follow the directions in Note 1 above to set your Connect port to a value such as fshosf, and then it should be able to find any of the FSHost sessions you’re 1.1. Do not allow duplicate add-on player names – Some add-on programs don’t enforce the “unique name” rule, like FS does.


fshost 1.1

The latency time and DirectX vshost are currently only shown for FS players. The player’s name is also shown in the Player List with ” D ” in front fsshost his Hop info. Players can then run FSHostSpy to view a list of FSHost servers currently available, as well as each game’s session details, player names, aircraft, altitude, heading, speed, flight plans, etc. It’ll then walk you through how to do the port forwarding for your particular router, for using it with FSHost.

Minimize program to system tray – When you minimize the program, it’s only visible in the system tray, near the Windows clock. When a player types a Chat Command in the game’s chat window, a private message is sent back only to that player, showing 11. information.

For 1.1, if you use port 81 for your Free Flight game, then people would use this URL to connect to your server in a web browser: