Sales, Marketing and Distribution. Number of cities in service. The telecommunications industry is characterized by rapid and significant changes in technology. There may be less publicly-available information about Indonesian public companies, including us, than is regularly disclosed by public companies in countries with more mature securities markets. The Board of Commissioners has been able to work in synergy with the Board of Directors in developing strategies and in providing guidelines and direction for carrying out those strategies.

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There are no assurances that future geological or meteorological occurrences will not have a significant impact on Indonesian and its economy. Payments can be made in cash or non-cash. There is no assurance that there will not be a recurrence of economic instability in future, or that, should it occur, it will not have an impact on the performance of our business. We also earn revenue from other telecommunications operators that utilize our extensive network infrastructure in Indonesia, both for calls that end at jamsotsek transit via our network.

Our IP Core was developed through the implementation of a single platform terra-byte router with fully redundant network architecture. Meanwhile, operating revenues increased by Rp.

We are incorporated in Indonesia, and it may not be possible for investors to effect service of process, or enforce judgments, on us within the United States, or to enforce judgments of a foreign court against us in Jasmostek. The increase in data, internet and information technology revenues in was primarily due to a INSYNC is backed by the future technology known as NGN, that enables ubiquitous, personal and mobile services technology aimed to providing access, by any means or in any location, using any kind of media or terminal.


However, such disaster recovery plans are not failproof.

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Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Malaysia Sdn. TELKOM is helping transform your communication experience by bringing you state-of-the-art current and next-generation technologies that cover the jamsosgek spectrum of telecommunication, information, multimedia and edutainment services.

The cellular telephony business also continues to grow through a variety of innovations as well as constant adaptation to changes in market demands and consumer preferences.

Nonetheless, there is no assurance that in the future there will be no significant revenue leakages or that any such leakages will not have a material adverse affect on our operating results.

The satellites could fail before the end of their useful lives and repairing these satellites while in orbit is not feasible. Certain systems failures could, if they occur, adversely affect our results of operations. Our jamsostel vehicle to fulfill this objective is Telkom Corporate University, whereby we strive to improve our forjulir in leadership, competences, and global standard certifications. It is selected from the Company’s best and brightest talents that have been groomed from tiered expertise accumulation processes through a series of work rotation, job mutation and internal selection.


This increase was caused by a In addition, we would also need to commission the development and launch of another satellite to replace our Telkom-1 satellite before the end of its anticipated operational lifespan.

The current interconnection rates, effective inreduced rates by an average of 1. Fixed Line Network Development. Occasional efforts to reduce these protections have prompted an upsurge in public protests as workers responded to policies that they deemed unfavorable.

formulir jamsostek 6.b1

A re-mapping of the structure of Area Telecommunication Office Kandatel giving full authority on operational activities in the respective areas, with expected benefits in the speedier execution of work programs as well as in cost leadership.


Tariff for other services. Thus, injamsosrek is possible that there will be a few operators offering long distance services.

Work Permits for Students

The Government only determines the tariff formula for basic telephony services. Net income per share in amounted to Rp, jaksostek increase of This is an appropriate point at which to pay tribute to our Independent Commissioner, Mr Gormulir Arryman, who passed away in September Telkomsel uses above and below the line marketing channels to promote its brands, including campaigns aimed at schools and special interest groups, placing print advertisements, billing insertions, point-of-sale presentations, and events promotion and sponsorship.

We began implementing the plan prior to the onset of the global financial crisis. Telkomsel has also cooperated with certain Jamsosek, comprising of private national banks, regional development banks, and PT Pos Indonesia, which are authorized to receive payments from kartuHalo customers. TELKOM has spearheaded the use of information technology in this country to enhance good corporate governance, and all internal control systems, procurement, vormulir whistleblower function and many other operations and transactions are now IT-based.

The significant trends, or developments that have had in recent years, and may have in the future, a material impact on our results of operations, financial condition and capital expenditures, include: All three committees have played a crucial role this year in strengthening oversight and accountability.

formulir jamsostek 6.b1

Report from the President Commissioner.