I can see it’s marked private so I may be blocked. That was a major change in Snow Leopard. Reboot Download and install the older 2. Anyway, Craig, thank you very much for your help! That’s why it’s odd that it plays for me but not for you. After it has been completed, as usual, the ‘Flip4Mac’ folder opened with the files, including the ‘WMV Upgrade’ alias.

flip4mac wmv 1.0.3

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After downgrading to version 2. Could you please send me these so I can test them and see if they work I could not find them on the Telestream Download page?

It’s an optional install and goes in the Utilities folder rather than in the Applications folder. Which do you think I should do from here? I remembered this particular upgrade because it offered to install a Silverlight plug-in which I chose not to install. This same problem happens every time I try to use the plugin in firefox for these kinds of streams. Oh–I think I get it Join Telestream Community Forum Forums!


I apologize if this problem has already been solved in another thread. The file is exactly as you describe.

Otherwise, this would be a news item. In addition to that, try playing the file in VLC 1.

Flip4Mac WMV Serial Numbers

Sorry to be so slow on the uptake. I even went so far as to uninstall it completely and re-install again. Reboot Download and install the older 2. If Quicktime can play it but the browser can’t, the issue may be with the browser.

flip4mac wmv 1.0.3

That will tell me if it’s a user or a system based issue. Try downloading and installing it and then set it to open in Rosetta and open the file in that.

I suppose I’ll have to go through that same drill When I go to this link in Safari, I get the notification telling me to install more codecs etc. Thank you very much for you help!

Flip4Mac wmp 1.0.3 Serial Numbers

It buffers very slowly though. S – I verified that you should be able to access this and the other link I posted but if you are still unable, I will upload the wmv somewhere wmg your examination. I can see it’s marked private so I may be blocked.


That’s why it’s odd that it plays for me but not for you. I also tested in VLC fllp4mac. Create a New User with Admin status. I’ve been following this thread and when I uninstalled 2.

flip4mac wmv 1.0.3

However, when I double-clicked the alias, it said that the alias target could not be found. Forget your user name?

FuseTalk Basic Edition v4. When I reinstalled 2.

Flip4Mac | macOS | NMac Ked

This is really strange. Forget your login information? Try running the Flip4Mac uninstaller in its application folder.