IvAe “The Eye” gives an overview of the live network without having to actually connect. Get started in 5 easy steps! If you haven’t done so already, you can now create your IVAO account! Use an aircraft which you know well and are comfortable with. It’s best to observe another controller before opening a position yourself.

dolomynum ivao

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If the air traffic controllers aren’t too busy, they will be more than happy to help. The tool is free for personal non-commercial use. Add this to the widefs. It’s best to observe another controller before opening a position yourself.

You will find the rules and regulations of IVAO here. Many of them are common sense, but you should read them so you’re aware exactly what is expected of you.

IVAO online situation in the Europe virtual airspace. You are already familiar with your software eg. Although text communication is possible, the experience is much more realistic.

dolomynum ivao

With selecting a station frequency, e. The program is working silent in the background. Optional it is possible to do it with the mouse pointer. The rules at IVAO have been carved from many years of experience. Usually TeamSpeak does not need any user interaction during an on-line flight. Discover the world of flight simulation Flying the Winglets BW.


Home legal pictures Contact.

IVAO – Ireland Division – International Virtual Aviation Organisation

If you have any doubts about one of iivao points, it would be best to learn more BEFORE attempting to fly on your own.

Unfortunately the program does not seem to be maintained anymore. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself – you wont. Install the software To fly or control online, you’ll need to install the following software.

I had already a keyboard and a mouse in the cockpit, used for the FS Dollomynum. If you agree to follow them, continue to the next step.

dolomynum ivao

Discover the world of flight simulation Flying the Winglets BW. Home legal pictures Contact. Make sure you download dolmynum latest sector file from the resources section. In a Multi PC Configuration a reference ‘mtl.

IVAO Configuration 3

Teamspeak allows pilots and controllers to communicate with each other on voice. Position your aircraft on the apron or a parking position away from uvao runway. Get started in 5 easy steps! Finally, the IVAO community dolomynim friendly, informative and laid back. Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, etc. Recently IVAO has launched the beta version of a brand new service which allows to view airborne traffic and online ATC services on an interactive map.


Announcing Dolomynum 1.2.0

You are comfortable flying with the aircraft which you want to use on IVAO You have basic understanding of air traffic control services and have read the Basic Pilot IvAp guide. Design by CSS Templates. Copyright c WWW. Indicate on your flight plan that it is your first connection.