The track art should make this song metal enough, yet the nasty dubstep takes that term seriously. Damaged Sounds] Yay, this is getting released! Bass heads, get on this one! Excision JaQwa remix dubstep robostep youtube JaQwa. This just came out of nowhere, but I am very excited to present to you three brand new tracks from the recent founder of Firepower Records , Datsik! In addition to announcing the new EP though, Terravita also dropped the first single for the release: GutterBot Grimblee and Mr.

djahsta system ep

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SoundCloud music D-jahsta Drumstep robostep Firepower records. Firepower recruits their talent young as Phillips is yet another member of the dominating label who is under 20 years old. JPhelpz is a systtem of cooking up diverse and unique bass frequencies, mutilating a variety of styles and boiling them all in a vat of scratched up bass battery.

[Dubstep] D-Jahsta – Lifes A Bitch

D-Jahsta – Robostep by D-jahsta. Embed this content in your HTML.

Oh man do we just have good news on good news today. Sometimes its the concept, image, natural sound that grabs you by the throat. D-Jahsta – Robostep D-jahsta. SoundCloud D-jahsta dubstep Dubstep robostep Dub.


D-Jahsta – Crucify Info sysem soon. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Together the pieces fuse to once again create that energetic, hard-hitting Terravita sound, spinning it into new ideas. I suggest you turn the speakers WAY up!

Firepower Records is absolutely, for lack of a better term, xjahsta fire!

djahsta system ep

Darby Phillipsa. Hope you guys enjoy listening: I hope you enjoy!! With just four tracks, JPhelpz manages to take us through a multitude of ideas and rhythms on this new EP that are sure to suck any bass head deep into the catacombs of a mystifying and frightening journey.

Funkadelphia » Firepower Records

D-Jahsta, Cyberoptics, and myself! In addition to these solid remixes, Datsik has graced us with an original, glitched rp, hip hop production! With a funky hip-hop sound, the track lays some extremely filthy bass over a jostling drumstep beat. The EP focuses on dubstep, but manages to explore all different corners of the genre, from post-dubstep, to grime, to atmospheric, to unrelenting filth.

djahsta system ep

Ok, so where do I begin? Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 16 of Datsik — 3 New Tracks!!! Grim – Unworthy [Forth. And as one can usually expect from Ssystem, both these tracks are absolutely HUGE, with great vocals and drums and drops that will excite any fan of massive bass and drumstep!!


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But with the incredible come up of the dubstep scene, and Datsik himself, it looks like Troy Beetles has the power and money to start his own label. Subject ysstem – Ra9 Subject 31 – Ra9 by Subject 31 https: Browse the Latest Snapshot.

In addition to J. You can pick up both these tracks for FREE here!

djahsta system ep

This kid demonstrates his exceptional talent in Epidemica very nasty dubstep EP with some borderline glitchy growls and awesome drum patterns comparable to fellow firepower member Rekoil. Log in Sjstem up. In addition to announcing the new EP though, Terravita also dropped the first single for the release: Now, D-Jahsta adds to the mix with a four track EP that insinuates Firepower has no intention of slowing down.