Page 5 of Remind about update this option is enabled by default. Equipment Scheduling Walk Through a. All product names are trademarks More information. Finished autocalibration After the Autocalibration is finished figure 3. Procedure is as follows: Collect points in range choose range of RPM within which points are collected.

diego g3 3.0.8

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Those corrections are shown on Readings tab. Page 4 of See figure Page 19 of Is is not possible to update firmware of controllers earlier than 30C. Deleting the gas map after changing the model Page 35 of Changing model points can be done with keyboard in one of the following ways: When servicing it is recommended to collect a t3 petrol map if the old one was collected earlier than a month ago because of changes of external conditions.

Программы для настройки и диагностики ГБО (K-Z)

How to install Pen. Option activating adaptation is available on tab Calibration Adaptation after completing acutocalibration and collecting petrol map. If the gas controller has and old, non-hermetic standard of the communication plug, it needs to be replaced by a plug in a new, hermetic standard trade number: After choosing file version and compilation date of firmware in file appears 30E, see figure 3.

Then .30.8 which bank’s STFT correction is changing.


It is recommended to turn that function off only in cases of big interferences Autocalibration In this step, after entering all the important information about the system and engine, it is possible to verify if all the parameters are correct.

Improved compatibilities with 3.00.8 gas controlers version 1.

Программы для настройки и диагностики ГБО (K-Z) –

Option also available from main menu. First, we’ve had customer requests for a way to locate the computer farther from the firearm, on the other side of More information.

diego g3 3.0.8

In 30.8 cases during that dynamic changes inaccuracies in mixture composition may occur, and consequently, engine does not work properly. Electronic Power Control Service. The most recent version of software is available on It is recommended to check availability of newest versions and to use them.

The second parameter time of switching a diegk emulator on tells how fast will consecutive cylinders be switched back on gas. Map points will be recalculated and shown on model chart.

This option does not load map to the controller. Most of the common question you may have about the use of the Wintech Manager More information.

sequential gas injection system DiegoG3

This function is provided even before the engine is started, thanks to that it is possible to obtain this information before starting the gas system installation. If right button was used the switching is done regardless any switching conditions e. In This Guide Microsoft PowerPoint looks very different, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve.


Clear calculation removes calculated map points from the model chart. Then, check any cylinder e. Getting started with the software If the engine does not work evenly, the channel being presently checked is not working correctly faulty cutting the petrol injector wire, faulty connection of gas injectors, or fault of gas injector operation may occur 4 Repeat procedure to each cylinder Injection system type Thanks to detecting injection system type it is possible to determine current injection type and other types, detected during engine work.

It is recommended to use standard corrections.

diego g3 3.0.8

Fuel overlapping mechanism corrected controller 30F. User s Manual Contents Functional Overview Improved and simplified calibration procedure initialization tab. Petrol time on petrol.

diego g3 3.0.8

It combines a full featured integrated development environment IDE with a powerful visual programming interface.

The most common reason a networked Brother machine may stop printing, is because the connection between the computer and the Brother machine More information.