Firasat is my fave among all. I stand here with a thousand words and tons of hopes But blankness is the place they ended up the most I’m lost in the frequency of the oddities It feels so hard to breathe I’m like a hapless piece of symphony that no one really cares to hear You simply inspire me Collide into me But no one’s there So why don’t you hold me Why don’t you move me So I know you care I wonder how far to go To simply have you and simply keep you And now, when everything has been said and done In silence I can only wish I am the one I’m floating like a bubble that will pop and be gone Just trying to make you see The simplicity of lock and key And how you’re never ever there to free me. Peluk, Grow A Day Older my number 1 favorite! Each story has its own soul.. The most I love is “Grow a day older”: Sometimes, a smile, or a hug, or even silence is enough.

dewi lestari peluk aku

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Quoting Clay Aiken, it’s just not cup of tea. This is the first romance novel which didn’t make me cringe while reading all the stories. Let it be wherever, whenever, whatever it will be. It is a concept that puts Rectoverso in such unique position. Every coin has two sides.


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Surely, pelu a rhyme of life. Saya cuma mengingat dua cerita dalam ‘rectoverso’ salah satunya juga berkat video klip lagunya. Both really affecting and inspiring my day. Dec 16, Ardini rated it it was amazing. A hybrid between music and literature.

dewi lestari peluk aku

Dee also has an extensive music career, producing four albums with her former vocal trio, and two solo albums. Sometimes, a smile, or a hug, or even silence is enough.

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The Intelligence of the Morning Dew Supernova: I don’t know what i must lestarii. Lengkapi lestrai anda dan temukanlah sebuah pengalaman baru. I almost doubted Dee’s talent to write as beautiful in English, but she’s proven me wrong.

And I can feel I am arriving at that moment again, right now, cuddled like his teddy bear, still not knowing what to do, what to decide. Aku mencintaimu tanpa perlu apa-apa, karena kini kumiliki segalanya.

dewi lestari peluk aku

I haven’t listened to the album yet but I have this feeling that it’s gonna be as awesome lewtari not more as the book. That’s how i feel reading this book. Show More Show Less. Rectoverso had at least three hit singles that made into to p radio charts.

Show More Show Less. I fell in love with Supernova the 1st trilogyand thought it was such a blast, it might had been a breakthrough in the history of Indonesian lit. But the waiting for the next greatness after having one, that’s the excitement of reading this book.


To me, Dee delivered the stories alluringly, nevertheless, some of them just cannot grab the root.


While Reggie remained single for a long time, Amanda had uncountable relationships with various types of men. It’s an easy, beautiful, simply love story. Disatukan dalam sebuah karya yang indah. My favourite piece would be “Hanya Isyarat”, I love her figurative writing. Some of the stories here are really compelling and relatable. Dewi Lestari yang bernama pena Dee, kali ini hadir dengan mahakarya unik dan pertama di Indonesia.

She’s a fluent storyteller, not even once falter in her step thus making all her stories in this book a lucid enjoyment to read. And I can feel I am arriving at that moment again, right now, cuddled like his teddy dwwi, still not knowing what to do, what to decide. Each story has its own soul.

dewi lestari peluk aku

A story of loyalty, friendship, and unmet love. Ah, I would try to translate it to English, but it would lose half its meaning.