The bit compiler runs under bit and bit Windows and can compile to bit only. Maybe something in the portable launcher? Advertisements or commercial links. I’ve had it do this once in the past and the next day it was up, so I’ll check again tomorrow. I am using Avira Free Antivirus. Other than that, it’s up to John when this goes official.

dev c++ 5.8.3

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Is it real or a false alarm? It crashes frequently, for no apparent reason, I’m typing in a line, and then it freezes and never comes out of it.

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May 3, – 4: I suppose I could have just had you delete your data folder, but I recently just pushed c+ latest version anyway. Sorry for the delay.

dev c++ 5.8.3

We could build it with switching or bit only. Fixed some typos in the English translation thanks to Hiro5. That would be a false alarm. Summary Updated on May 21, they say it works only on win xp and previous versions but the thing is it works fine on windows7 32 and even 64 bit Alright, I will look into this probably tomorrow.


Fixed crash in TCppParser. I’ve just tested it on a bit Windows.

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I will pass up on this one. Sorry for the delay, I’m currently finishing up my thesis. Maybe something in the portable launcher? I receive this vev message: As far as I’m concerned, yes.

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February 16, – 5: Updated the Czech translation thanks to tringi. February 5, – 8: March v++, – 8: June 23, – 5: February 25, – As this a development tool, In my opinion it is one of those “exception” apps that should include both and bit, since a user may need to create 5.83. bit executable. Usually when I have that. At least that’s my understanding of it. Paul, MN land of the frozen mosquito.

I just got the. If there was someone working on these bugs and updated it to fix them, it’d be great, however, right now, its a little bugged and I’m going to find a new program to use.


dev c++ 5.8.3

I also included full default settings on first run, so that should fix any issues with editor settings, etc. Sorry about the spelling miss .58.3 This piece of software is a relic of older times and is no longer necessary given the range of superior alternatives now available for free. August 5, – 5: Usually when I have that happen I have to re-up the file for it to ever show.

Orwell Dev-C++ Portable 5.11 Development Test 1

Would you like me to package the 32 bit one instead? Please consider to upgrade it. It can compile bit and bit executables.