Mine latches right at the edge of the seat, not in the middle as you show. This is an interesting article: You cannot reply to topics in this forum. That dark Charcoal gray color is going to look great on that dark gray scooter of mine. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. Posts Topics Advanced Search.

deadsheap skin

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I have an Alaskan Sheepskin. Last edited by Emeskay on Tue Jul 28, 4: It was the large 18″ x 18″ Thanks for the great thread.

deadsheap skin

Last edited by Emeskay on Tue Jul 28, 3: I’m going to try to draw a picture to see what you think. I have to help guide it past the rail.

deadsheap skin

I really like it! What do you think?

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I whish they would have put more straps on it. I just got my new seat cover. Google is my friend: My avtar shows the seatcover.


I only have the one, and I find that it shifts a bit when I stop. Stupid search engines with their doggone boolean search strings! I agree, that’s what I was thinking! The members are friendly and helpful so just have fun.

They could have the take up receiver strap just a tad longer to get it out of the way. Create a free forum Free forum support. I can’t really envision putting one strap front to back, but perhaps some 1 inch elastic running from the right and left front sides that meet in the middle and go to the right and left back sides. I have two skins on my bike. Hi Gary, Just ordered a sheep skin seat cover for my in charcoal gray.

Hi Mandy, Now that I have sat on it a few miles.

Even with the discount code, I paid more than that dang Dennis did. Sometimes the obvious gets away from us. However, with my weight on it, it couldn’t move very much.

Sheep Skin Covers

I have not noticed any shifting for the one I sit on. Took a ride and boy dedsheap they comfortable. Opalsboy Silver Wing Guru Number of posts: OOOO those dang search engines, and their crafty method of finding useful information. Do you remember where skinn got it from. And I was trying to figure out how to fix it. I find this to be a little bit of an anoyance. Since this has rolled to a new page I thought I’d pull all of the parts information to dedasheap new page Sheep skin seat cover sources: The wind curls up the front edge and it rides up from that.


We should probably capture all of this parts stuff in one location Here is a picture of my sheep skin pad