This setting changes the image resolution. It is recommended to change the password. Its outlook is smart, easy and convenient to install in many sites. This function serves no purpose unless you have more than one camera connected and configured to your interface. The default browser you use will run automatically and come to the camera login interface. See the screenshot below:

dbpower va033k software

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You need to set the following parameters: It comes with alarm function, when somebody appears on the camera under alarm function, it will take a picture or sound the alarm and email the pictures to you immediately.

You can then click Settings to access the camera’s configuration pages. Then click Create Host. It takes about 30 seconds to boot up the camera, When the camera was powered on and network cable connected, the green led of the real panel will keep on, The yellow led will keep flash.

Otherwise, motion detection will not work.

dbpower va033k software

Administrator Setting Instruction When login as administrator, you can enter doftware IP camera to administrate. The interface is a little confusing, so please make sure you have actually set a motion detection area.


DBPower VA033K is supported by ipCam FC (iPhone/iPad App)

The Following Circumstances will not be free warranty 6 Period check, maintenance or change components due to normal attrition. Record coverage ,Record time, Timer recording. Users can browse video through IE and other browsers. You can name your camera. Start typing in the “Make” box to find your camera.

Configure Events Motion Detection and Snapshots 5. Log In Sign Up.

Db Power IP camera URL

Setting Port Forwarding in the router. If the online user has speakers connected and configured to their PC, clicking this option will allow them to hear audio from the location of the camera.

If dbpowe ordered a plan with 1 image per x seconds, then the duration should be set to 3. Restore factory settings, Reboot device, Upgrading.

Connect to Db Power IP cameras

This document is not designed to replace the product manual from the manufacturer. Set the username soctware password as below: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. All above terms, if changed, regarded to relevant regulations.

You can also cancel self-checking function here, but you will also lose presetting bit function. This setting changes the image brightness. Administrator supports all the settings and operations of the camera; you can set and control it freely There are some special functions only for administrator as below: Make sure the Wi-Fi antenna installed.


This camera can only upload image snapshots and not video clips. Choose Add Host Services Figure 3. Simultaneous visitor Support 5 direct fa033k at the same time, but no limitation when using forwarder Server. The camera cannot upload video clips directly. Warranty Terms as following: So we include them in the same document. After your camera is setup, you canv visit www.

(PDF) User Manual of DBPOWER IP Camera | Karla Guillen –

For safety, you can reboot the camera to make sure it still works fine. Plug the power adaptor into camera 3.

dbpower va033k software

It is recommended to change the password.