Pronouns of Deference The second person singular is used when speaking to friends, to children, and in prayers. The gender of a noun is recognized by the definite article. The rule of proximity is another hint for the order of words in a sentence: Ce-i in mana nu-i mineiuna. Concurentul Negoiului este muntele Moldovanu, care e numai cu doua zeci de metri mai jos. Soru-mea va canta di- My sister will sing to-night, seara.

coco de la slatina saracul se face-al dracu

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Formatia valcea Dan Oby saracul se face al dracu – HD Vdieos Portal

Noi avem bani, dar nu avem paine. What are you called? Olteniawhere the preterite is preferred or exclusively used. Ti se va da ceva de maneare. Simple and compound afara de, with exception of catre, towards, to de, of, from, about dela, from despre, about din cp. But on the basis of their frequency, the actual Rumanian language works with.

C Optative-Conditional Mood a Present 1. God forbid vai de mine! The graphic notation of these two sounds, full i and semi- vowel i, is in Rumanian the same and therefore may be confusing: Preterite, ma laudai, te laudasj.


This is the man I was telling you about. The vowels of these suffixes produce phonetic alterations in the stem of the nouns, according to the principles set forth above under Conditional Sound Changes 1. Compound words formed with the help of prefixes, which modify entirely or partially the sense of the stem words: The rulers of the two princi- palities.

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La Pastile eaUor, on the Greek calends. Vocative of Masculine Nouns ending in Consonants. It has only an indicative mood. Sing, a zice — zi I say! Rumanian is the only survivor of the Latin language spoken in the Eastern Roman Empire.

The first quarter of the moon.

In comparison with English o in not, the Rumanian is very close. Conjunctions are joininj co-ordinate clauses. Pe langa mancare,a cerut si bautura. That is not true. The Plural without the Article ls Masculine Nouns is formed with the termination -i.


coco de la slatina saracul se face-al dracu

As pronouns bearing the stress of the sentence: Niste can- not be used without a noun. Singular Plural stea, star stele, stars masea, saracyl tooth masele, molar teeth basma, kerchief basmale, kerchiefs zi, day zile, days Diminutives in -ica form the plural in -ele: It has been announced to them that they may be coming to-morrow morning.


Vowels 2 Reading Exercise No. I lost my hat.

This influence affected principally the vocabulary. A fagadui marea cu sarea, to promise the impossible. See Exercises 5 and 6.

coco de la slatina saracul se face-al dracu

A pune la cale, to arrange. By pronouncing a back u without rounded lips one approaches the formation of i.