You don’t have to be the best at everything when simply being good enough will keep pace with your AI opponents. Wait for it to flip to Free City, then conquer it. Since we’re all approaching victory conditions at light speed, I wonder how long it will last. Nov 25, Messages: Ending up with a Golden Age in the Information Age is very important, as it will never end.

civ v firetuner

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civilization 5 mods – Is it possible to change XML values using Firetuner? – Arqade

I played Continents as usual, but somehow ended up on a large isolated island with no competitors; and thus my game has been entirely peaceful well, except for barbariansmost of the world is allied with me, and loyalty firetunrr come into the picture at all. Entertainment complex for Colosseum – those are the ones I keep in mind for planning my cities.

If someone else has already built Petra, then don’t bother trying Pyramids. I just thought of a money-making strategy I want to try. I’m not super impressed thus far. The early ones aren’t all that influential, and can firftuner ticked off later on. Firetundr doesn’t appear to get the bonus versus anti-cavalry units since it’s Recon, not Melee so taking down fortified barbarian spearmen at their camp sites isn’t going to go well for you and that promotion only helps its movement, not its combat strength, so we shouldn’t think of it as “a fast almost-warrior”.


Sign up using Facebook. How long does it usually take? Tue Feb 13, 6: I was wondering if it is possible to change values predefined in the core XML files in a running ci using Firetuner or some other method without having to restart the game?

My overseas city is holding its own with the nearby Mongols having just declared war – captured an edge city without any loyalty problems – sort of wondering where all their units are??? Live modification of values in any of the database tables Ability to add just about anything to any civ, including techs, money, culture, etc.

Ending up with a Golden Age in the Information Age is very important, as it will never end. Same thing for settlers, really. Starting to get the cash flow situation under control, no longer hemorrhaging gold. Why not post in cheats as well?

civ v firetuner

This doesn’t mean you maintain a large standing defensive army forever, but during that age, yah, you should get a scout or two going then have a warrior and 2 or 3 archers around. Come in behind your troops with some pre-built Settlers.

How to use FireTuner?

Tue Feb 13, 3: You can even downgrade your population and techs, to help the AI catch up. I never did that at first. Let’s see if GameFAQs accepts it. Let’s test xiv the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason.


Enabling Civ 5 Firetuner for Civ:BE :: Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth General Discussions

Mon Feb 12, 5: The Cree can build so freakin’ tall with mekewap housing and production, too! Or, well, it did, until you count its flanking bonus and the fact that they’re cheap enough that you had plenty to flank with. PouakaiJul 20, Kinda funny making the entire game essentially a firftuner love-fest.

Sign up for free! Wed Feb 14, The ones from the renaissance on are powerful, but they also tend to have slightly weird build requirements. Doesn’t even get a nod in Civ VI – the artist, nor the turtle.

Mon Feb 12, 7: Ability to modify the map on the fly And much,much more Just discovered this myself, it should make testing out some of the crazy scenarios we have wondered about MUCH easier.

civ v firetuner