OpenScape Web Collaboration OpenScape Web Collaboration The quickest and easiest way to collaborate, share and support online Performance-boosting collaboration and secure support from anywhere Issues raised, ideas shared and decisions More information. In Microsoft Outlook, also set up delegates and grant them access to your calendar. Select the desired meeting. Select the Meeting Center tab and from the navigation bar, select Set Up. Open a new Appointment and use Invite Attendees to add participants. General – Default page for each tab. The first step to your!

cisco meetingplace 8.5

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cisco meetingplace 8.5

To see another view, select the WeeklyMonthlyor All Meetings tab. All Internal Network Topology.

Designing Cisco MeetingPlace and Cisco WebEx Meeting Servers Solutions – PDF

Does integration imply connecting. Includes the system database and provides administrative functions. Under Scheduling Optionsfind the Scheduling Permissions field.

In the Schedule a Meeting page, select the Use address book link under the Attendees field. Internal-origin traffic including mobile users employing local Wi-Fi goes directly to the internal virtual machines. Presence Integration with Sharepoint. Select OK complete your meeting invitation.


Unified MeetingPlace Application Server Master component that ties the rest of meetngplace components together. A confirmation message will indicate a successful sync. A WebEx site for a given organization will have the format companyxyz. Secure http URL for administrators to configure, monitor, and manage the system.

Cisco Content Security (IronPort) Training

What is Cisco Virtual Office Express? Provides public access, enabling users to host or attend meetings from the Internet and mobile devices. Set the DateTimeand Duration. To start an instant meeting, select Start Meeting Now.

cisco meetingplace 8.5

Click the video icon next to your name in the Participants list to start your video How do I set up an alternate host for my meeting? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Was this article helpful?

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Multimedia Solutions Fixed users are migrating to Augustus Lindsey 4 years ago Views: In the Alternate host box, select the check box next to one or more names in the list.


Avaya IP Office 9. The Internet Reverse Proxy is required for your mobile workforce to attend meetings. However, when provisioning highly available systems you should deploy two Ethernet switches to ensure network level redundancy. Enter one or more email addresses in the Scheduling permission field.

Cisco Virtual Office Express is a solution that provides secure, rich network services to workers at locations outside. You can set up an alternate host for your meeting in WebEx and in Microsoft Outlook.

Telephony Telephony more than just a phone system.

Cisco Collaboration – Tandberg/Telepresence Video Training

Working jeetingplace Reverse Proxy Version 7. Presence Integration with Sharepoint, More information. Objectives Describe factors influencing encapsulation overhead and bandwidth requirements.

Uses SIP Refer to provide load balancing across redundant systems. To use video in a meeting: