Version-Patterns Use this header to declare one or more version expansion patterns and give each one a name. In the example, the apache named pattern is used twice, for the two org. The following is a list of reserved Hibernate keywords that will not trigger the addition of manifest requirements. Table of Contents Copyright License 1. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. A copy of the EPL is available at http: MF used by Virgo which includes bundle imports and a few package imports, but bundlor auto detects the classes used by my bundle and generates packages imports for them including the ones from the bundles in Import-Bundle header.


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Valid only in the fourth qualifier segment of the version pattern.


Many of the attributes that can contain class names can also contain Hibernate keywords corresponding to Hibernate-known types. Based on the descriptions of the symbols, we can now bundllr how the examples above work.


Bundlor checks that the manifest contains a Bundle-ManifestVersion header with a value of 2. Trying to keep track of which packages are in each of these categories can be error prone; similarly, defining template entries for them in your manifest template can be time-consuming and tedious. Apache ANT Quickstart 3. You can also specify property placeholders, or variables, in your manifest template that Bundlor substitutes with actual values at runtime. Bundlor helps in both these scenarios.


Use this header to specify a comma-separated list of packages for which imports Bundlor will not generate. The path to a properties file used for substitution.

For additional information about the syntax of the values of these properties, see the OSGi Core specification. In this case, developers must add OSGi metadata to bundoor library before use. Bundlor is a tool that automates the detection of dependencies and the creation of OSGi manifest directives for JARs after their creation. Web Application File Detection Criteria 7. Adjust the value from the variable by this amount.

Specifying automatic version expansion of imported packages bundlod on a pattern 5. Bundlor scans for Blueprint Service configuration files.

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For example, Export-Template com. Bundlor’s second function is to scan an existing manifest and identify any potential issues with it. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Typically you only use this for putting in a 0. Bundlor scans for any file that ends with a.


Bundlor User Guide

The path to write the manifest to. By default, Bundlor adds imports for every package that Bundlor determines is referenced by the code or for special files in the jar. Hibernate Mapping File Detection Criteria 7.

Whether Bundlor should create a manifest. A copy of the EPL is available at http: The preceding example shows two named patterns: In the example, the apache named pattern is used twice, for the two bunlor. How do we handle problem users? The first step in using OSGi profiles with Bundlor is to create a file that contains a textual representation of the two properties that make up an OSGi profile: If it detects one of these files it scans the file for a number of attributes that can contain class names.

Apache Maven Usage 5.

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Bundlor generates a version range of [1. If it detects this file, it runs the entire set of analyzers against it. Bundlor scans for Log4J configuration files.