Not a good idea to force to open the map and to set location. I think that pinning reports similar to what’s in waze will improve information sharing and give more accurate information about roads. Egyptian traffic app Bey2ollak has created a bomb scare hashtag to better inform Egyptians of urban threats after a spate of bombings this week in the country’s two major cities. You can inquire about the status of any road, you will then receive replies from other people helping you to avoid traffic jams. Fight the traffic, be a hero. Subscribe to our newsletter I want to receive: Driving detection mode, I cant exit such mode eventhough I closed the application from mobile task, I will try to restart but it doesn’t make any sense.

bey2ollak app

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There nothing more reliable than knowing what’s happening on the road from someone that is on this road. They plan to expand outside Egypt from April, with the initial move most likely to be to Istanbul. Hello guys, i was updating the ap to latest and i got warning from AVG antivirus that the app has malicious code and it recommnded me to unistall it.

A bunch of amateurs bey2lllak are untrained,” he told Wamda. I try registering same message appears. Many locations were affected by bombs,” Mostafa told Wamda, saying they’d floated the idea of a bomb alert over a month ago. We provide you with a wide range of car service, maintenance booking in Authorized and Multi Brand service appp, Road assistance and in-car products. Life is bey22ollak to spend it stuck in traffic.


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The company is also looking at traffic-congested cities like Mumbai, Delhi and London. Egyptian traffic app Bey2ollak has created a bomb scare hashtag to better inform Egyptians of urban threats after a spate of bombings this week in the country’s two major cities. I think it is a natural thing for it to continue when we’re not seeing any changes around human rights or justice at a national level.

Community stats People Topics 90 Comments Votes 1. On the first day, Bey2ollak had around 6, registered users completely viral and now we have more than 1.

You will be able to help other people by providing them with a clear status about what is happening on the road. No more unexpected traffic. Two other devices were allegedly found unexploded at Cairo Airport, but the government denies this story. I try to log in with facebook it bej2ollak log in too.

Traffic alarms about everything ney2ollak to your roads. Why is there Traffic? Egyptian journalist and security researcher Mohannad Sabry says the recent bombings are not nearly as sophisticated as those seen a year ago, when the Cairo Security Directorate was targeted by a truck bomb on the eve of the January 25 revolution anniversary or when Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim narrowly escaped a car bomb just months earlier.


bey2ollak app

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Egypt’s Bey2ollak app adds bomb alert hashtag – Wamda

The locations of radars, accidents, etc. Subscribe To the newsletter. I dont understand what is wrong with this app. News September 26, I can upload any picture to the desired road, but it is not displayed as it is supposed. A community fighting traffic. It is not only about is there traffic or not, but the most important question is, What is the reason behind the traffic. Be the first to breaking news such as accidents and road closure on the roads you are interested in.

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Plan your trips and easly identify your best routes options. Cairo journalist Lina Ashour says she uses the app occasionally, but isn’t concerned enough to rely on it for bomb-related traffic alerts.

bey2ollak app

Linking a report to a GPS location will provide all users with more accurate information. I have been trying to log in for years.