Ladder Interface — Vertical price ladder to view wider range of prices. My strike rate is nice, but those bloody bets in limbo are accountable for some of these losses. On the other hand, there are races which are not that liquid and trading them using my scalping style is a pain. Betdaq Betdaq is the betting exchange company that is the second in size in the United Kingdom and one of the largest betting exchange technology providers in the world with more than 2 million customers worldwide. There is a certain pattern on Mondays either before or after major festivals.

betdaq angel

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Customisation — Btdaq up multiple screens, views and columns. Learning not to lose longer-term. The company started in and its main office is located in Dublin. The trends are different to a typical Monday.

Guardian — a multi-market interface for Bet Angel which allows you to trade multiple markets at the same time, quickly switch between markets and place automated orders into multiple markets.

The market was suspended for quite some time before Betdaq removed the runner.

Create, save and view your unique view of the market with just a few mouse clicks. I need to be more selective.


BETDAQ Traders – Bet Angel

Lots of bets in limbo. Tutorial Videos — See detailed demonstations of each feature. On the following screen is my API settings manager – I lowered some numbers in order to be sure I won’t be blacklisted: My strike rate is nice, but those bloody bets in limbo are accountable for some of these losses. They are harmless and never personally identify you.

Where do I buy a subscription to use Bet Angel for Betdaq?

Completely customisable, Spawn mutliple ladders, easy to use. Tomas Thanks for the reaction. There is a liquidity in these markets but bets are not filled very quickly.

betdaq angel

This is a major problem limiting my trading experience on Betdaq right now. Ladder Interface — Vertical price ladder to view wider range of prices. Betdaq also has trading software called Betdaq Angel and offers anbel apps for Android and iOS with which users can get access to almost all key features of the betting exchange. Betdaq Angel offers trading software for the beginners and for the hetdaq traders. The second day on Betdaq was quite similar to the first one. Bet Angel Trader has all the essential tools for a cost-effective trading experience.


View, analyse, bet or trade from a spreadsheet.

I’ll look closely at the market from tomorrow to see if I can find opportunities to put your advice into practice. Paste as plain text instead.

Bet Angel’s free software for trading on BETDAQ

You can also link Microsoft Excel to Guardian to monitor multiple markets using the Excel integration feature. Sign In Sign Up. One Click Betting — Quickly place bets with automatic trading settings.

betdaq angel

Only 75 emoji are allowed. So, even though I lost a bit, I have learned about how seasonality affects trading.

Free Betdaq Trading Software – Download here

Display as a link instead. You are commenting as a guest. Next entry Tom’s Occasional Trading “Challenge”. Betdaq provides betting options on a large variety of international sport and other events. Something I did not anticipate.

betdaq angel

What web methods are available? Write your own advanced automation trading or betting bot.