Note, I’m not that other guy I just also happen to have an S3. Bryce Thomas October 21, at How does the phone behave with respect to sleep mode? Hi, i’m from Germany. And is there a solution to this reboot problem? True, although it seems like another solution to this would be to modify the driver to actually expect You’ve reversed engeneered the driver so it shouldn’t be so hard to do.


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Nijat Makhmudov October 16, at So go to sleep. I have compiled your driver for Galaxy Tab 2 but it does not start with your fw. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Beam, kernel sources i got on samsung open source.

[APP][+] AircrackGUI / for bcm an… – Pg. 8 | Android Development and Hacking

Iwconfig is a part of wireless tools! Interested in the question of transfer in monitor mode packets. Mark Gardner December 5, at 6: Would giving you those files help?



Very cool work, i’m very impressed. This might be the simplest solution and would not require duplication.

[APP][2.3+] AircrackGUI 1.2 / for bcm4329 and bcm4330 chipsets

Very cool what you’re doing here. If leave the monitor mode for about twenty minute, the phone will reboot automatically. Smiles September 20, at 5: Do you need cyanogen to run this? Philip Blumel January 26, at 9: I would be very grateful for the help me!

Re: wifi support on imx6 soc

Sent from my GT-I using xda app-developers app. Asad Ali March 16, at 6: Marco Cardone December 8, at 7: Currently running gs2 rooted with jelly bean.

Many people work on this and if most of the mobiles would support mesh, there are great new use cases.


Guo Xiangfa November 13, at 2: K January 1, at 8: Can you make one for the nexus 4? Hello to all such, for samsung galaxis if has the BCM chip, would also be compatible if carrying the cyanogen sigiendo galaxis steps 2, thanks for all friends.


Re: wifi support on imx6 soc

Aleksandar Vukovic September 19, at 3: Mie Af June 18, at 8: Ruby Feinstein October ncm4329.hcd, at While using Galaxy S2 i after running the sg setup. On the chip it is possible? Power cycling makes the system start correctly.

Simon Gleinert April 18, at 8: Ruby Feinstein September 20, at 8: I just wanted to ask a couple of small questions. Hello, I have to write my English I hope that you can help with the translation on google for say another word samsung s2 bfm4329.hcd bssid file name Mtk platform mt chip mt