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This is great news for this project and all of the crazy detailed digging you did into the AVM spec. Here’s an old partial sample of mine.

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They needed a way to extract the private and protected class data amongst other things during reflection, and the only way to do that in AS3 at the moment is to parse the bytecode. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Which is a huge shame since Loom is one of the most complete Actionscript implementations of the AVM spec. E-mail do not published. Name E-mail do not published Site url.


Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. File private var zip: Works a treat, thanks mate! Sign up using Facebook.


I just committed version 0. AS3commons zip with subdirectories Ask Question. Rather than starting from scratch, Roland used Loom as a basis for understanding the AVM2 qs3commons, and built from there. This library used to be known as Loom-as3 http: Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Parsing the entire Flex framework and all of its corresponding RSLs takes about 6 seconds in the debug player, in the release player its under 2 seconds. I’ve been using the as3commons zip library to package images for user download, and have found it very easy to use so far, but I need the files to be organised in directories – after a day of trawling I can find nothing which indicates how one creates subdirectories in a zip file, everything I’ve found focuses on adding files to the root.

Good day as3cpmmons, as3commons has a new addition: I offered the project up to the people on the Loom forums, but there were no takers… until now!


Loom Becomes as3commons-bytecode | The Blog of Maxim Porges

He sent as3clmmons a message to the as3-commons dev list today as follows. A while ago I was sifting through the Loom sources to try and get a better understanding of all of this bytecode business and came to the conclusion that Loom would be an excellent addition to as3commons and would, as a first, be a great basis to implement bytecode based reflection on.

MickMalone MickMalone 8 8 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. Email Required, but never shown. I was running it against a giant 4 MB swf before. This includes private and protected members, optional parameter values, parameter names allthough those values are not always reliableinitialized member values, and more.


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Active 5 years, 4 months ago. The resulting reflection classes are all inherited from the ones found in as3commons-reflect but augmented with the extra information we can extract from the bytecode.