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These courses provide depth understanding and ability to enhance the strategic decision making tools to students and motivate them to handle any situations of a professional environment.

"We all have busy schedules and by offering online appointment requesting, I am happy to offer my patients the opportunity to choose their preferred date and time for a dental appointment with my office. My patients don't have to find time to call during office hours, it is now as simple as point and click from anywhere," said Dr. Andrew Syriopoulos, a Toronto dentist.

* Signing and attending a 3 day workshop with hands-on training with 6 - 12 months one-to-one support

Student tip: Don’t shy away from online education for fear of your degree not getting accepted. Make sure you apply to an accredited college and you should have no trouble convincing potential employers of the legitimacy of your degree.

Dentistry is a type of “microsurgery” and by necessity dentists must be skilled with their hands. This includes the ability to transfer what they see needs to be done into actual manual dexterity. In order to apply to an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited school or college, students must first complete a four-year undergraduate college degree, which satisfies admission requirements to dental school. As well, it's necessary to have better than average scores on the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT). These days competition for admission to dental school is fierce, requiring very good grades. Most, but not all dental schools require four-year curricula. Next, dental students may apply for additional training in general dental practice residencies (GPR). These programs offer various training time frames, may be hospital based and typically involve rotating through the various dental specialties.

Some of the critics were quick to say that an online university masters degree programs, or similar programs for that matter, does not give a student the enriching intellectual reciprocation that traditional programs do. The critics also emphasized the high rate of fraud going on with online educational institutions.

The online classroom's only way to communicate with fellow students and the instructor is through chat sessions or message boards. Normally you will be able to locate the chat rooms and message boards that you can use to communicate for your questions and clarifications. There are classrooms that have links to digital bookstores where you can rent or even purchase books that you may need to use in class. Video libraries are also located within the course homepage. The video libraries and the links are located for further readings.